Hybrid Work: How Small Businesses are Managing a Partially Remote Workforce

man using hybrid work for video conferencing

The business world has changed a lot in the last few years, to say the least. When the pandemic sent workers home, some businesses were experiencing what it was like to support remote workers for the first time. Now that offices are opening up, HR departments are finding out that up to 99% of workers would like the option to work, at least part time, remotely. This is giving our business leaders the opportunity to offer hybrid work to their employees. 

What is a Hybrid Work Model? 

A hybrid work model is when employees of a business spend some of their time in the office and some of their time working remotely. This model is very flexible and covers a spectrum of remote/in-office set ups. As a hybrid employee, you must come into the office at least once a month. This goes the other way as well with workers spending a minimal amount of time remotely also.  

Why do Employees Like this Work Model? 

While some people are skeptical of the remote and hybrid work models, there is a lot of data supporting them. There are many positive effects for workers who are fully or partially remote. This is a short list of some of the top perks that hybrid and remote workers are reporting.  

Transportation – Workers that work partially remote save money on their commute to the office. For those that take public transit, the savings are obvious. Those that drive will save money on gas and wear and tear on their vehicle. Also, these workers have less time spent away from their family.   

Work life Balance – When workers have flexible work options, they are able to spend more time with friends and family, less time commuting, and can fit in more personal appointments as needed.  

Flexibility – There are some companies that allow their hybrid and remote workers to set their own schedules. This is sure to please any worker.  

Positive Relationships with Coworkers– As workers come into the office, they can get some great in-person time with their coworkers. This is important to foster relationships. Sometimes workers who are completely remote really miss coworker relationships and connections.  

Why do employers like Hybrid Work? 

Employees are not the only ones who benefit from the hybrid work model. Business owners also have some great benefits by offering their workers the flexibility of partial remote work. Company owners can expect positive affects to the bottom line of businesses when they offer their employees the flexibility of hybrid work.  

More Productivity – Some business owners are afraid that if their employees are not in the office, they will not be motivated to stay on task. However, remote and hybrid workers have an increased amount of productivity than working strictly in-office. 

Lower Office Bills – With fewer workers in the office, your bills will be a lot lower. This includes water bills, office supplies, and electricity bills. 

Higher Retention – When employees are satisfied with their employer and work options, they are more loyal to their jobs. With training being a costly event, this retention is perfect for most businesses. 

Support You Can Offer Your Hybrid Work Employees 

When it comes to offering support to your hybrid team, you need to find the right tools that allow for this flexible work model. This is where the features of a cloud-based phone system really fit the bill. 

Mobility– A cloud-based phone system can allow workers to work from anywhere with an internet connection. Gone are the days when an employee needs to be in-office to access company phone features.  

Call Features– There are many features included with a cloud-based phone system that benefit businesses and their employees. Just a few of these features include audio conferencing, auto attendants, follow me, voicemail to email, voicemail to text, team messaging and so much more.  

Other Support– It is important to show your workers that you care about them as people. A quick check-in to see if they need any other support, whether it be technological support or even just a mental health check-in, is very important to the health and happiness of workers.  

Ready to Offer a Hybrid Work Model 

Are you are looking for the perfect cloud-based phone system to support a hybrid work model? Advanced Communications has everything you need and more! Our phone systems are packed with features to make the workday easier for all, from remote to in-office and everything in between. Contact us to start offering your employees more flexibility through hybrid work today.  


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