The Small Business Phone System – Your Secret Weapon

woman using a small business phone system

The right small business phone system can make a big difference in your bottom line. While choosing the right set-up can be a big decision, this article will give you a little insight to help you with your decision. There are many phone systems to choose from. Your small business has different needs and goals than any other small business. Therefore, when you choose your small business phone system you should pick the system that will work best for you.  

Terms to Know 

When looking for a small business phone system, there are lots of terms to know. These terms are mostly acronyms for terms that are vital to a properly running system.  

PBX- PBX is the acronym for private branch exchange. This is a term used a phone system that has several lines. Most of the time, these are office phone systems, but can also be utilized in any organization or business, not just office settings.  

VoIP- VoIP stands for voice over internet protocol. As stated in the name, this means that users do not need to use traditional phone lines for phone service. The internet and internet hookups are used for telephone services.  

Premise Based Small Business Phone System 

Premise-based phone systems are similar to traditional phone systems of the past. When businesses use premise-based phone systems, they house all technology to run the system on-site. Most businesses use a technology “closet” or small room to house this equipment.   

While these premise-based small business phone systems have similar features to traditional phone lines, they are also equipped with the technology needed for VoIP capabilities. This gives the business owner the flexibility to choose if they would like to switch to internet-based phone services. This is achieved through SIP trunking. 

SIP trunking allows PBX to utilize public telephone networks that are not legacy phone lines. VoIP as well as other unified communication features become options with SIP trunking.   

With a premise-based small business phone system, your business has the responsibility to maintain the system. Due to this, it is a good idea to keep an IT person on staff that knows the ins and outs of how the phone system works.  

If your business decides to use a premise-based VoIP system, you will also be responsible for any and all updates to the system. This includes malfunctions and general maintenance as well. However, you will also have control and ownership of the system. There are no additional fees or expenses once the system is paid for.  

Cloud Based Small Business Phone System 

Cloud-based phone systems are exactly that, hosted on the internet. As an internet-based solution, the phone service provider has much more responsibility pertaining to maintenance, updates and service.  

The only equipment your business would need to have on-site is the physical phones and a router. The service provider is responsible for housing everything else, and thus maintaining it. Meaning fewer headaches for your business. 

Your cloud-based phone system plugs directly into your internet connection, making integration easy. This also makes scalability easy as no extra wires need to be run in order to give users access.  

Additionally, because a cloud-based system just needs the internet to perform, mobility becomes an option through the use of mobile apps and softphones.  A cloud-based phone system is the better option for businesses looking for improved flexibility and lower up-front costs.  

Premise or Cloud-based: You Decide On Your Small Business Phone System                                          

At Advanced Communications we are excited to work with you no matter which phone system is right for your needs! We will work with you to help you decide which system will work best for you and your business.  

We offer the best premise-based and cloud-based phone systems packed full of the phone system features you need for a successful business. If you’re ready to get started with an excellent small business phone system, contact us today! 


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