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Use Centra IP Networks Faxing Solutions for Your Business Needs

As you are most likely aware, one of the standard pieces of equipment every business owner need’s in an office is a fax machine. On every given day, your business may need to transmit or receive tens if not hundreds of important documents. Therefore, it is necessary that you choose a fax solution that can handle the needs of your business. The failure to choose a fax solution appropriate to your business may hamper your ability to transmit or receive documents which, depending on the importance of the document, may negatively impact operations in the business office.

Faxing Solutions


At Centra IP Networks, we know how important faxes are to any business office. As such, we are pleased to offer a variety of faxing solutions designed to cater to the needs of all types of businesses. Discussed below are the faxing solutions that we provide at Centra IP Networks.

Standard Fax over IP (FoIP)

This is the most basic faxing solution that we offer designed to cater to small businesses that transmit very few faxes daily. Designed to be easy to use with minimal guidance, our FoIP faxing solution uses a standard fax machine to connect to our network using our latest T.38 protocol as well as our advanced ATA devices.

HTTPS Secure Fax

Our HTTPS secure fax solution is intended for clients who send or transmit a large volume of documents that are of a sensitive or confidential nature. Some examples of businesses that would benefit from this faxing solution are banks, legal firms, and hospitals as documents transmitted by these businesses need to be reliably as well as securely transmitted. Our HTTPS secure fax solution encrypts any data being transmitted across our network, therefore keeping your confidential documents secure. In addition, this solution has a redundant storage buffer that guards against data loss in the event of an unexpected power or internet outage that may interrupt fax transmission.


eFax and Desktop Fax

This is the most innovative of our various faxing solutions. With eFax, there is no need for a separate dedicated fax machine; you can send your fax right from your desktop computer. All you must do is scan the document and sent it via email to its fax destination. Conversely, you can receive faxed documents straight into your email inbox.


At Centra IP Networks, we work with you in assessing your office needs regarding the transmission and receipt of documents. Based on that assessment, we then recommend which of our faxing solutions that would best meet that need. Contact us today for more information.


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