Cloud PBX Phone System

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Cloud PBX Phone Systems

Cloud-based phone systems are systems which are also known as hosted PBX systems or cloud-based solutions. Hosted services offer you the flexibility and reliability of a phone system without the maintenance and support costs associated with maintaining servers and phone equipment on your business premises. Which type of phone system will work best for your business might come down to your preference, since there is an ongoing debate about which system is best for business.

Cloud PBX phone systems are deployed by a hosted provider in an off-site data center; hence the term “hosted system” which you’ll often hear when discussing this method. Your business is required to pay a monthly fee to use the cloud-based phone system, which will be connected to your office via a public or private internet connection. Using cloud IP systems requires the purchase of desk phones for your business, but this should be the only equipment you will have to buy. You will have limited control over moves, additions, and changes, with the hosting provider handling any updates you make and taking care of system maintenance.

Cloud Solutions Help Your Business

Lower Upfront Costs

Add User-Friendly Features

Work Remotely with Ease

Benefits & Features of a Cloud PBX Phone System

  • Flexibility & scalablity
  • Reliability with Multiple Data centers
  • Works with most major Brands
  • Business class features included
  • Find me follow me
  • Soft phone systems
  • CRM integration
  • Virtual and desktop fax
  • Video conferencing solutions
  • Mobile & Desktop application
  • Business SMS Messaging
  • Highly secure 
  • Web portal to manage system and billing
  • Auto failover
Cloud PBX Phone System

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Yealink provides one-stop communication solutions with the integration of voice, data, and video communications for both internal and external partners to help employees gain communication efficiency while reducing cost at the same time. Yealink phone system solutions are based on open standards, providing excellent compatibility and interoperability with worldwide leading Unified Communications.

  • Video Conferencing
  • HD Conference Phones
  • HD High-Quality Business Phone Systems
  • Easy to Operate
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Cloud PBX Plans & Pricing

Basic User Plan

Message & Phone
$ 20 /seat/user
  • Unlimited users
  • Web portal
  • Unlimited internet fax
  • Unlimited audio conferencing
  • Call history and quality of service reports
  • Auto Attendants
  • Music on hold
  • Voicemail to email and voicemail to text
  • Team messaging
  • Mobile app

Advanced User Plan

Message, Video & Phone
$ 25 /seat/user
  • Automatic and on-demand call recording (90-day storage)
  • Single sign-on
  • Hot desking
  • Unlimited internet faxing
  • Whisper, barge, and monitor options
  • Video conferencing for up to 50 participants
  • Real-time network and call reports
  • Salesforce integration with click to call
  • Web portal
  • Text from landline
  • Audio conferencing bridge
  • Advanced Call queues (with call back option) and ACD
  • Voicemail to email and voicemail to text
  • Web phone and mobile app
  • Auto attendants
  • Automatic day/night mode routing
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Learn More About Cloud PBX

With a cloud PBX system, you would be required to purchase everything up front and own and maintain the physical equipment, while cloud-based phone systems are usually paid for as a monthly expense. This offers tax advantages for your business and frees up cash for other revenue-generating activities. Your monthly phone system expense can often be negotiated downward with extended contract terms.

Hosted cloud IP phone systems not only relieve you of the purchase and installation of an on-premise phone system, but also relieves your business of the expense involved in phone system maintenance and repair, which can be a big-time money saver if your business is small or your IT department resources are limited.

Another consideration when looking at a hosted system is the size of your business. Do you have a single location, or does your system need to handle remote offices, locations, or employees? While an on-premise PBX system is capable of handling remote users and multiple offices, it is more expensive and more complicated, often requiring additional equipment to connect offices or users together that isn’t necessary when using cloud-based phone systems. If you have multiple offices, job sites, or remote employees, a cloud IP system will save you time, money, and installation complications. If you anticipate a significant change in staffing, consider looking at cloud-based phone systems, as any modification to your system can be made immediately, and you will only pay for what you use.

If you have questions about cloud IP systems and whether your organization would be best served by an on-premise PBX or remote, cloud-based phone system, contact us today to speak with a specialist and receive a free quote for a phone system without any obligation or sales pitch.