Business Text Messaging

Add business text messaging to your communications tool kit!

Business Text Messaging

Centra IP Networks

Reach More Customers

When you choose to add business text messaging to your communications, you are opening up your business to a whole new world of capabilities. Your audience wants messaging! It is the preferred method of communication. It is less disruptive than a phone call and gets you higher open rates than email. Get your message out there, with text messaging! 

Centra IP Networks’ business text messaging is a cloud-based service that is not only packed full of features, it’s also secure enough for even the most compliant enforced business! With our easy-to-use application you’ll be able to send and receive both SMS and MMS messaging from any number, including your main business line. This helps you build a trustworthy relationship with those you message and increase your brand awareness. 

Benefits of Business Text Messaging

In today’s modern world, messaging is becoming a must for any business that wants to build lasting relationships with their customers and experience higher customer satisfaction. Our business text messaging is great for any business looking for a solution that is: 

  • Compliant Capable 
  • A Secure Communication Line 
  • Simple to Deploy 
  • Easily Used by Your Whole Team 
  • Scalable To Grow with You 
business text messaging service

Don’t Be Tied To One Device

Message from just about any device! You can now send messages from a cell phone, tablet, or even a desktop application! Receive email or push notifications when an incoming message arrives. Messaging from anywhere increases your customer satisfaction and improves your productivity across the board! 

Get More For Your Business

Centra IP Networks business text messaging allows you to better message your customers with Application-to-Person (A2P) capabilities.  

With Centra IP Networks You Receive:  

  • Ten-digit long codes (10DLC) that enable A2P messaging capabilities with your existing business numbers. 
  • Campaign registrations and approvals easily automatable.  
  • Implementation of Best Practices when it comes to messaging. 


P2P, or Peer-to-Peer, text messages are sent between two people through SMS messaging or through a messaging application. A2P, or Application-to-Person, text messages are sent through an application automatically and received on a person’s mobile device. 

  • Standard 10-digit phone numbers are considered 10DLC, or 10-Digit Long Code. These can be used for messaging between both partiesWith short code you receive a 5-to-6-digit number. This is perfect for one-way, mass communication like marketing, security verification, and other notification uses that don’t require in-depth communication. 

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Using Business Text Messaging To It's Highest Capabilities

There are a plethora of ways business text messaging can be used to reach your customers. Whether you are looking for help with customer support, marketing, or easier ways to reach out, messaging can help!  

  • Send Out Marketing Campaigns with Improved Engagement 
  • Setup Auto-Responses for Specific Keywords 
  • Remind Clients of Appointments Without Phone Calls 
  • Mass Message Customers of Unexpected Closures or Emergencies 
  • Schedule Delivery Notifications 
  • Enable Curb Side Pick-Up 


If you aren’t utilizing business text messaging in your communications stack today, you could be missing out on a customer preferred communication that could be building better relationships and reaching further than just emails and calls alone. With most smartphone users going to bed with zero unread messages, can your business afford to be missing out on this?