Microsoft Teams Integration

Centra IP Networks + Microsoft Teams Integration gives you the well-known name you trust with the reliable voice services you deserve.  

Centra IP Networks

The Importance of a Microsoft Teams Integration

While you may know and love the name Microsoft, you could be missing out on key communications features if you rely solely on Microsoft Teams for your business communications solution. Microsoft Teams gives your company a great conversation channel for chat and video conferencing  you could really be limiting your business communication options by sticking with just Microsoft Teams.  

Using Microsoft Teams alone means you’re stuck paying name brand pricing for basic features. Integrating with Centra IP Networks expands your calling features immensely and opens your business up for an improved experience at an affordable price point. 

Benefits of Microsoft Teams Integration

More Calling Features For Your Business

Affordable Prices for Any Size Company

Built Right Into Teams Platform

Added Features with Centra IP Networks Integration

You get the messaging and video you’re used to while adding your voice to the platform you love.

microsoft teams integration logo
  • Recording 
  • Site Management 
  • Answering Rules 
  • Music on Hold 
  • Text-to-Speech/Speech-to-Text 
  • Conferencing
  • And So Many More!

Cost-Effective & Full-Featured

Centra IP Networks offers a cost-effective alternative to Microsoft’s Calling Plan. With a Microsoft Teams phone system integration, your users can call out through Centra IP Networks, leveraging lower calling costs. Centra IP Networks seamlessly integrates into your Microsoft Teams interface. Plus your entire team can benefit from a full-featured calling that’s more user-friendly than Teams. Including features such as reporting, call routing, advanced call queues, and more! The list goes on and on!

Improve Your Communications

  • Easily set up call routing queues 

  • Create auto attendants

  • Call reporting improves agent performance

Potential to Scale

As you make business decisions, keep in mind the growth potential of your company. While basic features may be okay for your business now, what does the future look like? As your company grows, the need for more advanced call features to improve customer service will undoubtedly become an issue. Microsoft Teams with Centra IP Networks integration can support your business at any size. We can even help you scale up when your business is ready.