Advanced SIP Trunking

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SIP Trunks allow you to use your existing internet connection for voice calls allowing for substantial savings of up to 50% or more over traditional copper lines. For Businesses with an IP-PBX system or TDM PBX you can enjoy the flexibility and cost savings of SIP Trunking.

  • Unlimited local and long distant calling throughout the US
  • Certified and Tested with Most IP- PBX’s
  • Up to 30-50% savings over Traditional land lines
  • VoIP over Fax certified
  • DID’s for direct dialing ability
  • Full number portability
  • Auto failover Auto Attendant business continuity service
  • Caller ID name and number delivery
  • Competitive international rates
  • $20/month per trunk

What is SIP Trunking?

Traditional phone service has customers paying per-line for a physical phone line that originates from a central office. These types of phone systems are expensive and can cost a lot of investment upfront. Not to mention scaling is an added expense. With SIP Trunking, phone calls are routed over the internet.

SIP Trunks modernizes your existing phone system. Alternatively, it can provide the cost-savings you need to purchase a new phone system. Start cutting your operational costs today by contacting Centra IP Networks.

Replace Your TDM-Based Services

TDM, or time-division multiplexing, is so old school! You need a solution that allows you to scale up or down easily and increase capacity whenever you want. SIP Trunks are more cost-effective for your business and save your team countless headaches by reducing complexity.

Isn’t it time you experienced true flexibility? With our Advanced SIP Trunking, you can redirect your calls instantly in the event of any disaster. Which means your business keeps running smoothly when you need it to.

Are you ready for a brand new phone system?

SIP Trunks sound great and all, but maybe you’re ready to migrate to the cloud now, rather than wait around. Have you considered a cloud-based phone system? Cutting costs and increasing flexibility is what the cloud is all about!

Learn more about our Cloud-Based Phone System.


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Cloud-Based Phone Systems

Multiple business phone systems available to accommodate a few employees in a single location to hundreds of employees across multiple locations. We offer both VoIP and Cloud PBX solutions.

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Premise-Based Phone Systems

Complete end-to-end data networking products and services to keep your business connected from firewall router solutions, switching solutions, wireless solutions, and management solutions to keep your business safe and secure.