Future-Proofing Communication: What’s Next After POTS Disappear?

Future-Proofing Communication: What's Next After POTS Disappear?

It’s always exciting, but it also brings nostalgia when technology finally hits the end of the road. The VHS gave way to DVDs, cassettes replaced 8-tracks, and then CDs kicked cassettes to the curb, and now the time has come to bid farewell to POTS (plain old telephone service) telephones and embrace VoIP. A recent […]

Maximize Uptime by Ensuring Business Continuity with Managed IT Services 

Maximize Uptime by Ensuring Business Continuity with Managed IT Services

Uptime is key to keeping up with your clients’ needs, not to mention your competitors’. Consistent uptime is a critical differentiator between businesses and market rivals. Plus, downtime can cause significant financial losses and disrupt critical business operations. For that reason, it’s crucial to have reliable IT support that can maximize uptime and ensure business […]

Here’s How Teams or Zoom Rooms Fuel Business Growth 

Here's How Teams or Zoom Rooms Fuel Business Growth

When you start a business, laying the proper foundation sets the stage for its growth. This involves hiring the right people, establishing the proper processes, and choosing the right platforms, especially when it comes to communication and collaboration.   This is where tools like Microsoft Teams and Zoom Rooms come in. Not only are they simple […]

Selecting the Perfect Business Phone Number: Tips and Tricks

Selecting the Perfect Business Phone Number: Tips and Tricks

Establishing a professional communication channel is integral to business growth. It may seem unnecessary because you can use your personal phone to conduct business every day, but it’s essential for both startups and growing businesses. Understanding how to get a business phone number begins the process of promoting a better work/life balance and establishes your […]

The Challenges MSPs are Facing in the Future of Work 

future of work

As we near the end of 2023, it’s becoming increasingly evident that this year has been a turning point for Managed Service Providers (MSPs). The future of work is here. Millions of companies are heavily investing in new technology to adapt and stay competitive. Hybrid work has become the norm in many industries. Overall, there […]

Phone System Buyer’s Guide. The Essential Features to Look for 

Phone System Buyer's Guide

Choosing the right phone system doesn’t just impact your communication. It impacts customer satisfaction, employee productivity, and overall business growth. But only if it has the right features.    Phone systems can make all the difference between ho-hum communication and communication that wows. This is why our team compiled a list of essentials in this short […]

How Do I Get a Virtual Phone Number? 

woman using virtual phone number

You can get a virtual phone number from an internet phone service provider of your choice. You can also acquire a virtual phone line when you purchase an internet-based phone system. You’re probably here right now because you are interested in getting a virtual phone number and you’ve come to the right place! Just scroll […]

On-Premise Phone System vs. Hosted Cloud Phone System 

woman usign on premise based phone system

You’ve decided to update your business’s phone and communications systems to something a bit more up to date. Afterall, the traditional phone system isn’t keeping up with the needs of your employees, so it’s time to upgrade.  There are many options to choose from, but you’ve probably narrowed it down to a premise-based or cloud-based […]

The Benefits of Using Our Softphone and Mobile Apps 

person using softphone with icons on the screen

Your desktop is more than just a machine capable of producing spreadsheets, writing documents, or managing payroll. It’s a fully functioning communication device, as well. Desktop softphones are becoming commonplace and are being integrated into apps from VoIP solution providers.  Desktop softphones supply several benefits to their customers, including reduced costs from extra software fees, […]