VoIP Phone Service Benefits for Your Business

man using VoIP phone service

As technology continues to advance, our world seems to become smaller and smaller. Thanks to telecommunications, we can now talk to people from anywhere at any time. When telephones were first introduced, calling long-distance could be a very costly venture. Now, with the help of voice over internet protocol, or VoIP phone service, these same calls are much less expensive.  

We have now entered an era where workers are more mobile than ever. With remote work on the rise, telecommunications have stepped up to promote businesses in ways unheard of in the past. Utilizing internet protocol to support business communications has changed the game.  

Benefits of VoIP Phone Service 

VoIP phone service can benefit businesses in several ways. VoIP phone service has four outstanding benefits that deserve to be recognized. Mobility, reliability, scalability and call analytics all have the power to move your company forward.  


As mentioned earlier, remote work is on the rise. In fact, the number of people who work from home has risen 159% since 2009. A major hurdle for some businesses is how to allow their employees to work remotely without access to assets located in the office. This is where the mobility of VoIP phone service comes into play.  

VoIP phone service has mobile applications. This turns any mobile device into an office phone. While using the mobile app, your employees will have access to the same features they would have if they were working in an office. Not only is mobility great for your remote workers, but also any workers that go from building to building, or travel for business meetings (even internationally).  


VoIP phone service is internet based. This means that your phone service has an over 99% connection uptime. You may be wondering how this is more reliable than traditional phone lines, especially when you factor in power outages. 

Service is undisturbed during power outages because you can switch to mobile devices. With mobile applications, you are not stuck depending on the electricity coming into your office. Due to this option alone, VoIP phone service is more reliable than traditional phone lines.  


Traditionally, adding more lines to a phone service was a hassle. You would need to contact your phone service provider, schedule a maintenance appointment, and have a specialist come to site. They would then need to run new lines throughout your office. All this would cost you extra fees and valuable time.  

VoIP phone service can be scaled easily because it is an internet-run service. As you add users, your company doesn’t need to schedule a maintenance call or run new lines; you simply buy handsets and plug them in! 

Call Analytics 

Call analytics can be a very useful tool for businesses. Additionally, call attribution can help you understand where your calls are coming from. This can help with your decision making for your marketing efforts, staff scheduling, and more! 

Call data can improve sales and marketing through analyzation. With insights on caller location, duration of calls, and when heavy call times are, customer service can improve. Not only can you use this information for staffing purposes, but also training purposes.  

VoIP Phone Service: Built for People — Not Tech Wizards 

Easy-to-use interfaces means you don’t need to be an engineer to manage your phone system.  VoIP phone systems have clearly labelled tabs and buttons. This means that your employees won’t need extra training to decode the system.  

The administrator has complete control over the phone system. They can set up call rules not only when people are in the office, but also after hours and holidays. The administrator can also easily add and remove users among other things.  

Using Advanced Communications for VoIP Phone Service

Advanced Communications is here for all your cloud-based communication needs. With a platform full of features your clients need, Advanced Communications is the reliable and simple solution to take your business to new heights. Our team will help answer any questions or concerns that arise. Contact us today to get started! 


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