Financial Advisors Use More VoIP Technology

It is a challenge for many professionals in the financial industry to complete a number of tasks in a work day. The good news is VoIP gives Financial Advisors an opportunity to view the performance of their clients online and share desktop screens through programs like without having to leave their home or office. It also offers chance to use more technology to be able to reach a higher number of clients and compete in the industry.

Using VoIP allows clients to use their time to manage their portfolio that could have been spent meeting a Financial Advisor. Generation X and Y clients are also having an impact on the new VoIP shift. Many prefer to interact with advisors when they have questions through Skype, Google Hangouts or

As a rule of thumb, to create a rapport with your client, use face to face contact first. Once the business relationship is established, transition into communication through the use of technology.

A few tips to improve the customer experience with VoIP:

• Reply to a client within 24 hours
• Use video conferencing by setting up the meeting time via email to delay responses
• Use this method for your clients that are oversees
• Text messaging is a great way to track messages for compliance


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