The Advancements of VoIP Technology

VoIP Technology

Do you remember when VoIP was the new cutting edge technology in the late 90′s? We became accustomed to the idea of voice data packets from an IP address sent over the internet which replaced traditional telephone networks. As it became more main stream, VoIP went from saving us money on long distant calls to a useful way to make domestic calls. When Skype appeared in 2003, over 25% of households were using VoIP. 

More recently, there are watches and refrigerators on the market that can be connected to an IP address. Government workers are also using VoIP devices which help them to share data within a secured network. The Department of Defense has even used the innovation to connect vehicles, helmets, weapons and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) for real-time updates on what is happening on the ground. 

If that doesn’t surprise you, the Army places sensors on troop’s helmets to review details of brain injuries during combat. The Department of Defense uses new applications to manage vehicles, facilities, logistics and transportation to share information throughout a battle space. 

The health care industry uses software to send patients automatic message reminders about scheduled appointments which helps as a friendly remember helping doctors to manage their time more efficiently. 

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