How Your Business Could Benefit from an IVR

woman using a microphone to record for ivr

In today’s world, consumers expect nothing but the best from the companies they purchase from. Did you know that 39% of people will avoid a company after a bad customer service experience for two years? That can have a serious effect on a business’s bottom line. So, the question becomes how do businesses offer a […]

How to Generate More Business with Professional Voice Greetings

voice greetings

Small businesses tend to think they can’t afford professional voice greetings.  However, effective voicemail greetings can help your business become more efficient while improving conversions.  For just a small cost, professional voice greetings can have a large impact on increasing the number of messages left by customers and reducing hang-up calls.  In addition, you can promote […]

Choosing the Right Headset for Work

work headset

Do you want the background noise or the all-out-noise cancellation that makes it feel like you’re standing next to the caller?  What is right for your business environment?  Knowing which type of headset is best for your situation will make your work life easier and just plain better.  The right type of headset for your […]

Benefits of Security Cameras for Businesses

security camera

Security cameras for businesses have become an extremely popular choice for organizations in every industry to help monitor everything from employee performance to the overall security of customers, personnel, and company assets. As technology advances, especially in the way of cameras, organizations have numerous options to choose from to ensure the best protection. When you […]

Financial Advisors Use More VoIP Technology

It is a challenge for many professionals in the financial industry to complete a number of tasks in a work day. The good news is VoIP gives Financial Advisors an opportunity to view the performance of their clients online and share desktop screens through programs like without having to leave their home or office. […]

5 things you can do to help beat back password hackers

Keeping your private information protected by passwords is as difficult as it’s ever been. Not only are hackers breaking their way into password protected places like Facebook, Gmail, Yahoo, Twitter, LinkedIn and other popular sites, but now they’re especially motivated to do so. Why? Because selling your information can make them a ton of money. […]

5 Key Services An IT Company Should Provide

So you’re at the point where you’re ready to change IT providers. In this week’s post we’ll discuss 5 key things your new IT services provider should be able to do – and do well! Let’s jump right in! 5 Key Services an IT Company Should Provide Are you ready to make a change and […]

Managed Disaster Recovery Services: The things you should consider

Both man-made and natural disasters can cripple your business if you’re not careful. Having a Managed Disaster Recovery Service isn’t just important – but it can often times be the one thing that stands between staying in business and going under in a crisis situation. That being said, there are some important features to weigh […]

Relocating the Office and IT Equipment

Sometimes, a business move is inevitable. Businesses might have to relocate to a less expensive option, it is required to move due to lease issues, or the office is upgrading to a larger space. Whatever the reason may be for relocating, it can lead to headaches and stress, especially if the office has many computers, […]

Petrolia Strikes Oil with Epygi

Since Petrolia was founded in 2009, they have been actively acquiring oil and gas leases throughout Texas, primarily in Central Texas, the Anadarko Basin and the Permian Basin. Headquartered in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Petrolia also has satellite offices in Dallas, Texas, and Houston, Texas, with their field office and personnel located in Borger, Texas. Through strategic […]