How to use Telecommunications to Improve Productivity

worker increasing her productivity

The success of a company is a reflection of the strength of a team. Subject matter experts and senior management in organizations meet regularly to find new ways to improve productivity by using available resources or investing in new telecommunications technology. In a perfect world access to software that helps a smaller number of employees work on different responsibilities is one way to increase profits. This reality is closer than you think if you use VoIP, data networking, cloud services and voice/data Services.

Is Cloud Computing a Business Strategy that Improves Work Productivity?

The Harvard Business Review Analytic Services conducted a new survey that shows 527 of its readers chose business productivity as the main reason for moving forward with cloud computing. 14 percent switched over for increased innovation, another 14% said it lowers costs and 13% said that the switch was necessary to meet business demands.

When cloud computing became mainstream, it was measured by cost savings when it came down to determining its value in business. In the past, most companies spent $100,000 on software licenses, servers and equipment every single year. An efficient Tampa business phone system needs a combination of VoIP services and cloud computing to handle a number of different tasks.

Cloud computing offers the creation of new products, increased profits and work productivity. Not to mention, the advantage of having fewer employees work on one project while others have more time to get other assignments completed. The HBR survey also shows that the companies that are well advanced in cloud computing have been introduced to new markets or experienced an acquisition or merger. Furthermore, 66% have seen less complications in IT operations while 54 percent said it increases customer’s responsiveness to their company.

Before your senior management team and experts sit down to figure out a strategy to win before 2015 ends, remember that data networking, VoIP, voice/data services and phone systems are another piece of the telecommunications pie.

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