Stop Robocalls with a Cloud-Based Phone System

stop robocalls

According to the Federal Communications Commission, (FCC) unwanted phone calls is the number one consumer complaint.  These unwanted calls come mostly in the form of illegal spoofed robocalls. When a caller has falsified the information that is transferred to the caller id display this is referred to as being spoofed. Spoofed calls hide the caller’s identity. Hidden numbers allow for more unwanted calls to be answered by unsuspecting people. These spoofed phone calls come from scammers, spammers, and robocallers.  

PRnewswire has reported that in 2020, over 46 billion robocalls were made. This is a problem not only for American consumers, but American business owners as well.  As Americans, we are all consumers and know how annoying robocalls can be during our day-to-day lives. But let’s dig deeper into why businesses are so affected by robocallers and why it is time to stop robocalls. 

Business Interruptions 

Unfortunately, these robocalls can create a decrease in employee productivity. While employee attentions are focused on robocalls, they are distracted from their work assignments. A simple 2-minute distraction from an unwanted phone call can interrupt the creativity and train of thought employees need to complete a project. 

Another area of business that can be greatly affected is customer service. When customers call in, they expect prompt attention. Your customers want low wait times and swift connection to the proper representative. If employees are tied up with robocalls, they are unavailable to provide your customers with good service. These issues alone are enough for any business owner to want to stop robocalls altogether. However, robocallers can do even more damage to your business.

Business Reputation 

Robocalls can be quite disruptive to the work environment. Loss of employee productivity and customer service may not be the most damaging aspect of spoofing. When a robocaller falsifies their identity they are able to steal your business’s phone number and use it against it’s victims. When they steal your information, your business’s name and number show up as their own caller id. This increases the liklihood that someone answers their calls. When they do answer, it usually ends up being a robocaller on the other end of the call. Your business has now lost some of its reputation thanks to the robocaller falsly using your information. 

Even worse, a robocaller using your number could successfully scam someone. Having your business name associated with a successful scamming operation would be detrimental to your business to say the least. 

Phone Systems that Stop Robocalls 

By the end of 2021, most cloud-based phone systems will be compliant with the STIR/SHAKEN FCC regulations. Within these regulations, phone calls will need to be validated as authentic on two ends. The caller, or business will have their phone number validated by their carrier and the consumer’s carrier as well.  This is great news for business owners. 

When utilizing a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone system, your provider will automatically “sign” that your phone number is legitimate. Consequently, this will stop robocalls from using your business phone number.  Additionally, these regulations will also defend your business against receiving robocall, freeing up your employees to focus on necessary tasks.   

Centra IP Networks Helps You Stop Robocalls 

At Centra IP Networks, we care about your business, and furthermore, your business’s reputation.  We are proud to help your business stop robocalls with a cloud-based phone system.  Additionally, here are a plethora of other solutions as well that are sure to fit any of your communications needs.  

We are your business’s single point solution whether you’re looking for VoIP Phone Systems, SIP Trunking, Cloud PBX, Data Networking, and more! With over 15 years of service, we are ready to structure the ultimate solution for your business, no matter the size! 

If you would like to be part of the solution to stop robocalls and protect your business from being victimized by robocallers, contact us today at (844) 418-8647. 


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