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Serving your customers and building customer loyalty are key factors in promoting growth for your company. The question is how?  How can your company increase customer loyalty in today’s current climate? One of the first things to consider is the habits and preferences of your customer. Up from previous years, 85% of Americans own a smartphone. Your business can use this knowledge to promote your company through a new kind of marketing. One that reaches your customers where they want to be reached and conveniently helps increase customer loyalty. According to Forbes, there are four easy ways to increase customer loyalty. FiveStars Insights also gives similar advice on increasing customer loyalty. With these guidelines and smartphone statistics in mind, we are going to show you how business texting supports each of these categories. 

Supporting Customer Service 

Excellent customer service is hands down one of the fastest ways to promote a positive customer experience. With business texting, your customers can get the answers to their questions faster. Through the SMS module of your unified communications portal, your employees can receive texts from your clients at their work desk. Receiving prompt and accurate responses through text messaging delights customers.

When your company utilizes business texting, customers can also receive product information on the fly. Employees are easily able to send product demonstrations, videos, slides and other visual aids to your customers through the SMS module. What’s more, customers can be updated with order confirmations and delivery updates via text. 

Special Rewards for Customers Using Business Texting 

An exciting way to reward customers that have signed up for business texting is to offer them special promotions.  You can send promotion codes, offer sweepstakes, and even hold contests for customers who have opted in to receiving texts from your company. Another special feature of business texting is the ability to have a rewards program where customers can earn extra perks and receive updates without needing to download an app.  

When your communications platform is integrated with your CRM, you can store customer information including birthdays and customer anniversaries. A great way to use this information to improve customer experience is to send out special messages or rewards for remaining loyal to your business. The more engaged your customer is with your company, the more likely they are to remain a loyal customer.   

Business Texting Conveniences for Your Clients 

With a quick search on the internet, you can see that people feel busier and more stressed than ever. With work obligations, household duties, and personal events stacking up, it is easy to let minor details slip by. When utilizing business texting, you want to add value to your customer’s life, not be a burden. Not only can you add to your customer’s experience by texting them special offers, you can also give them offer unique conveniences.  One convenience that customers appreciate is reminder texts.  A simple reminder of any upcoming appointments, bills and payments made can really help a client meet their scheduled needs. This also benefits your company with less no shows and late payments.  

Feedback Through Texting 

When your goal is to increase customer loyalty, it is important to consider your customers opinions. Customers have the unique position to let you know where your company shines and where your company could benefit from a little revision.  The key is how to collect that data from your customers. According to Outcry, SMS surveys have the highest response rate at 40%. This is almost twice the completion rate of emailed surveys. With more completed surveys, you are more likely to find trends within your data. And, while this data is important to improve your business offerings, it is also vital to increasing your customer’s positive experiences.  

Incorporating Business Texting with Advanced Communications  

At Advanced Communications we want to help you increase your customer loyalty by adding business texting to your communications solution. When keeping in mind your customer satisfaction through customer service, special rewards, conveniences, and customer feedback, business texting can be the jump start your company needs to go to the next level.  

Contact us today at 844-418-8647 to further discuss how business texting can improve your bottom line. Not only do we take care of installation, all maintenance is done on our end. What’s more, our reliable cloud-based communications solution has 99.999% uptime and fail over solutions that keep your business online no matter where you are. 

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