How Small Businesses Benefit from Unified Communications

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The Covid-19 pandemic has made many small businesses reflect on their day-to-day operations. Offering workers the ability to work remotely became a necessity for businesses to remain open. However, that was not a simple task for some employers.  

What did you do? Were you able to continue with business as usual? Did you need to come up with a patchwork solution to keep going? Or did you utilize unified communications for your communications solution?  

What is Unified Communications? 

Unified Communications, also known as UC, is a technology that combines communication avenues and collaboration tools into one user-friendly platform. UC is cloud-based. This means that anywhere the internet is available, unified communications can be utilized. Businesses big and small can benefit from these solutions because of the cost-effective nature of UC.  

Benefits of Unified Communications 

The benefits of Unified Communications aren’t just for big businesses. Small businesses in addition are able to cash in on this technology as well.  

Cost f

As stated earlier, unified communications is an internet-based tool. This means that companies do not need to rely on phone companies anymore. The high prices of long-distance calls, multiple lines, and visits from technicians are not an issue with UC.  

Unified Communications users often save a lot of money over traditional service providers. This is especially true for those businesses that utilize several service providers for different services.  


When your workers have access to all of their communications in one platform, they will become more efficient. The use of unified communications means your workers no longer need to learn several platforms from several different providers.  

Workers can make voice calls, send an email, video conference, and also send instant messages all through their communications platform. As employees work within the platform, they understand it better and become more effective. 

Better Customer Experience 

A UC Platform can host all the information about your company’s products and customer information. Your employees can easily look up past purchases, new products, and other information that can help your customers at lightning speed. Less jumping from program to program, more time-solving issues.  


One of the biggest hurdles in the past couple of years has been bringing workers together to collaborate during a pandemic. With employees working remotely, collaboration can be difficult. Video conferencing has been the only way for employees to communicate in real-time.  

With Unified Communications, workers collaborating over video conferencing can screen share, document share, chat, record, and more through the platform. This collaboration makes it seem like those workers who are miles apart from each other are working together in the same room.   


As previously stated, these communications are internet-based and allow anyone with an internet connection to log into the system. What wasn’t mentioned is the high mobility of this platform.  

The platform allows users to forward phone calls to any device they would like. This means that you can take business calls if you are in the office, at home, on the road, across state lines, or even in another country.  

But that’s not all! UC comes with a mobile application that can turn any internet-enabled device into your work-from-anywhere office. These devices not only include laptops, but also mobile phones and tablets as well.  


Traditional phone lines are susceptible to power outages and other natural disasters. If your power goes out and you are using UC as your communications solution, you can simply switch over to your mobile applications mentioned previously and continue to utilize your platform.  

Even if a natural disaster were to take out the internet in your area, the geo-redundancy offered by some UC providers can keep your communications operating.  

Make the Switch To Advanced Communications 

If you are ready to dive into the world of Unified Communications, it’s time to give Advanced Communications a call! Our cloud-based phone systems allow your workers to become more efficient while increasing your customer experience. 

Contact us to speak with our team of specialists who are ready and waiting to help you get started today! 


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