How Your Business Could Benefit from an IVR

woman using a microphone to record for ivr

In today’s world, consumers expect nothing but the best from the companies they purchase from. Did you know that 39% of people will avoid a company after a bad customer service experience for two years? That can have a serious effect on a business’s bottom line. So, the question becomes how do businesses offer a good customer service experience? It can start with something as simple as IVR and a great customer service phone experience.  

What is an IVR? 

IVR, or interactive voice response, is a step up from your average auto attendant. While their purposes may be similar, an IVR can make a huge difference in customer satisfaction. An auto attendant allows callers to avoid long wait times by offering a menu callers can choose from. The main job of an auto attendant is to route calls.  

An IVR takes this auto-attendant service a step further. Other than just call routing, an IVR can be used to gather information as well. This automated system can help both customers and employees, as the system itself can help resolve issues. When paired with professionally recorded messages, a business utilizing IVR can really increase customer experience.  

Business Benefits of IVR 

Businesses can look forward to many perks when adding IVR to their communications. Their brand image or business reputation can improve. As IVRs handle a large number of incoming calls and resolves issues without the need of a customer service representative, customer satisfaction rises. Along with an improved reputation, businesses can count on a lower wait time for their customers as well as more focused employees.  

Less Time Waiting 

IVR has the capability to resolve customer issues without the need to talk to a customer service representative. This can shorten the amount of time customers spend on a service call. A shorter on-call time allows customers who need to talk to a representative the opportunity to do so, and more customers to be helped.  

IVRs can answer calls outside of office hours. If you utilize the menu optimally, customers will get the answers they need even if you have no one in the office to help them. At the very least, they will be able to leave a message with the right department so their issues can be attended to first thing in the morning when employees are back in the office.  

Focused Employees 

As employees spend less time answering phones, they can focus on other job-enhancing tasks. An IVR can handle menial phone tasks that would otherwise tie up employees. As phone calls are streamlined and employees spend less time with low priority phone calls, the workplace becomes more efficient and effective.  

Features of IVR 

Interactive voice response is more than just an automated phone messaging and routing system. IVR has the capability to do much more. Some great features that can help businesses stand out amongst their competitors include callback options, multilanguage options, and automation. 


There are times in the day when several calls come in at the same time. This is a high-volume call time. IVR can combat this long wait time associated with peak call times with call-back capabilities. This keeps their place in a queue but allows the caller to hang up and go about their day. When their turn comes up, a customer service representative will call them back.  


IVR offers multilingual options that might not otherwise be available. A company is limited to the skills of their employees. If every employee only speaks one single language, then some customers could be alienated just by a language barrier. Along the same lines, if you have certain employees that do speak specific languages, they will need to help certain customers. IVR will direct these calls to the correct representative that can help them.  


IVR systems can help identify customers through use of automation. If the customer is a repeat or returning customer, the system automatically provides any information on that customer that has been stored previously.  

Due to the speech recognition features within IVR, the system can interact with customers. An IVR system uses natural language to interpret and interact with callers, allowing the system to solve simple transactions of callers.  

Get Started With An IVR 

Advanced Communications is here to help you build relationships with your clients. When you offer them the best, you can rest assured that your clients will return year after year. Our professional recording services can give your IVR an extra level of professionalism that helps you stand out amongst your competitors.  If you are ready to offer your clients a more personalized and helpful phone experience, contact us today! 


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