5 Ways a Business VoIP Phone Service Can Save You Money

piggy bank saving money with a business VoIP phone service

No matter how big or small your business is, one goal remains consistent: to reduce operating costs while increasing revenue. And we’ve got a simple way to do it. Instead of hunting through your corporate budget looking for fat to trim, consider investing in a business VoIP phone service. Not only will it save you money initially, but it will continue to save you money as you grow and expand. If you’re wondering how, we’ve listed the top five ways a business VoIP phone service can save you money. 

1) No Upfront Hardware or Installation Costs With A Business VoIP Phone Service

Traditional in-office phone systems are typically quite costly upfront, especially because of all the hardware you’ll need to purchase from the get-go. Upgrades to the hardware, as well as additional phone lines, are not included in the initial purchase. They’re necessary add-ons you’ll have to pay for at a later day. A business VoIP phone service doesn’t follow that model. It can function without hardware – though its hardware is quite cost-effective – on any computer or smartphone, allowing you to save quite a bit of operational expenditure.  

2) Less Maintenance Costs Over Time 

Every system you purchase will require maintenance at some point – even VoIP solutions. However, the difference between traditional phone services and business VoIP phone services is that VoIP is less likely to break down and, if it does break down, it’s simpler and cheaper to repair. No need to repair fried wires or crossed cables, especially if you’re using a softphone. Plus, you won’t need to worry about hunting for phone parts that are so outdated they’re now obsolete. 

3) Less Expensive Long-Distance and International Calls 

As you know, a business VoIP phone service uses the internet to make and receive calls. Unlike plain old telephone service (POTS) lines, the cost of sending and receiving calls online is quite low. Charges for long-distance are minimal, sometimes nonexistent, and international calls can be made for a penny or less.  Not to mention that some VoIP service providers offer long-distance and toll-free calling for free to their customers – increasing the money you save that much more. 

4) Reduced Billing Overall with One Streamlined Provider 

When you invest in a communication system, it’s often a conglomeration of solutions from various service providers. Each provider sends a bill. Each provider has different requirements you need to meet or service fees you must pay. They even have their own set of limitations you must navigate to pair it with another service.  Add to that the stress of monitoring each bill for any inconsistencies or overages and it ends up costing you not just money but time and effort.  

Thankfully, many VoIP service providers are “all-in-one” vendors, meaning they give you the necessary software, hardware, features, and even data you need for one flat rate. Being able to streamline your communications to just one service provider will produce quite a bit of savings overall. 

5) Multiple Mobile Offices at No Cost 

We live in a world with a mobile workforce. But traditional office phones keep many employees stuck at their desks, requiring them to manually reroute their calls when they travel to a different corporate office or work from home. Instead of assigning a tedious task to your teams and investing in expensive hardware they’ll probably never use in their home office, you can turn to VoIP.   

VoIP phone services can go wherever you need them to go – thanks to softphones and mobile apps. This enables both you and your employees to take business calls from any location and on any device with a speaker, microphone, and a data connection. 

Upgrade Your Business VoIP Phone Service With Advanced Communications 

If you’re looking for an all-in-one communications provider, Advanced Communications is here for you! We provide a complete business VoIP phone system that truly enables your business to save money. Not only that but we also provide cloud storage capabilities, data networking, and security solutions for companies of all sizes. If you want to learn more, reach out to our experts over the phone or online today! 

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