Premise-Based Phone Systems

Give your business more control with our premise-based phone systems.

What are Premise-Based Phone Systems?

On-premise phone systems have been the “best choice” for businesses for decades. And as communications technology has evolved, so have they. Traditionally, on-premise phone systems aren’t hosted in your provider’s data center – or in the cloud – but in your physical office space. This doesn’t mean you’ll have to contend with a closet full of wiring or outdated machinery. It simply means you need a place to put a single server.

A premise-based phone system is ideal for a small or rapidly growing businesses with some kind of in house IT/Telecom personnel as they can administer changes on the fly and keep support costs down thus create quicker ROI. Using the Auto Attendant to answer and route calls eliminates the need for receptionist. A PBX system also allows you to add multiple departments, even if you have a small team, which helps your company appear larger. As your company grows, you can change your main greeting and the number of departments as your organization changes.

On-Premise Systems Benefits

Reduced Monthly Communication Spend

Thanks to its advanced features, affordable pricing, and simple setup, an on-premise system can help you control overhead costs.

Keeps Vital Information Secure On-Site

Your team, and your team only, can access your system and make the necessary adjustments, keeping proprietary data secure.

Puts Control In Your Hands

Your team, and your team only, can access your system and make the necessary adjustments, keeping proprietary data secure.


Our Premise-Based Offerings

Allworx Connect

Allworx Connect comes in five models that can easily scale to meet your business needs. No matter your size, Allworx Connect series packs in enterprise-grade business phone features in an affordable package!

  • Compact hardware design
  • Enhanced system security
  • Fast processor
  • Mobile app for on the go mobility
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Small business phone systems
  • Advanced Features like ACD, view reporting, multi-site connection and dozens of integrations!
Office VoIP Phone
VoIP devices
Alloworx view ACD

Epygi QX

The Epygi QX platform allows for complete control over the phones you want, with plug-n-play ability to easily add, delete, and even change IP business phones and features on the go! 

  • Compact size
  • Cloud version PBX
  • VoIP ready
  • Rack mountable
  • Low power usage
  • Easy to use interface
  • Mix and match over 20 different IP phones
  • Free software updates for life
  • Feature rich with call forwarding, voicemail to email, find me follow me, ACD and more!
Epygi 3
Rack mountable
prod in rack

Grandstream GWN Series

Grandstream offers a wide range of SIP unified communications products for all sizes of businesses and well known for quality, reliability and innovation.  IP video phones, door phones, and IP desk phones along with the full line of gateways allows for a single solution.  Grandstream provides and extremely cost effective and easy-to-use yet comprehensive products that are easy to integrate and compatible with most service providers, a great fit to any SIP solution.

  • Full HD Conferencing Availability
  • IP Video Telephony
  • IP Voice Telephony
  • Physical Security IP door boxes
  • Gateways & ATAS
  • IP PBXs with SIP, FXO and PRI ports
  • VoIP phones for all your needs
GST-Cordless phone
Grandstream ATAs and C

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