Centra IP Networks Hosted PBX Now Integrated with Microsoft Teams

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In the past year and a half, hosted services have become more important to the business world than ever before. As businesses shift to hybrid and remote work models, business owners need to find solutions to communications that allow their workers to communicate and collaborate as if they were in the same office.  

This is where Microsoft Teams hosted PBX comes in. Microsoft Teams integration is important for all hosted solutions. Microsoft is one of the most well-known companies in the world. Due to this fact, people, in general, are likely to trust the name Microsoft. With brand recognition comes trust and higher chances of usage.  

This is why we are excited to announce that Centra IP Networks now integrates seamlessly with your Microsoft Teams Portal! 

Microsoft Teams Hosted PBX Means Business 

A great advantage Microsoft Teams has over other collaborative solutions is that the user can access Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook directly from the solution. Also incorporated into Teams are chat features, conferencing and video conferencing, and phone call capabilities. Workforces from all over the world have grown to rely on these solutions for their day-to-day functions. This has secured Microsoft its position in the business world. It provides businesses with all the digital solutions they need to not only accomplish their tasks but also collaborate in real-time.  

Microsoft Teams Hosted PBX Limitations 

Microsoft has a lot of experience in computer programming but not a lot of experience in telephony. Therefore, Microsoft Teams hosted PBX has limited capabilities. Pairing Microsoft Teams with a service provider, like Centra IP Networkshosted PBX increases the functionality of the entire solution. No more subpar calling, lacking the features you truly need from a phone system.  

Added Features with Centra IP Networks 

A hosted PBX from a telecom service provider gives users a lot more features and functions. Just a couple of added features of a paired solution include call recording and contact centers. While these two functions are important, there are many more included with a hosted PBX solution from a service provider. These features can be especially important for customer service as well as training purposes for employees.  

Another feature of a paired solution is device options. A hosted PBX can run on desktop computers, VoIP enabled phones and even mobile devices. This allows for mobility and freedom to work from anywhere that has access to the internet.  

Help When You Need It 

In business, time means money. Working on hosted PBX is an exceptionally reliable form of communication. However, if there ever is an issue, your service provider should be there to help you. Customer service is not one of Microsoft’s strong suits. In fact, when a consumer has an issue with a Microsoft product, they are directed to the Microsoft database. Here the consumers have to find the answers on their own.

This is where paring Microsoft Teams hosted PBX with a solution from a company like Centra IP Networks can be beneficial to the user. Centra IP Networks has staff ready and waiting to help their customers with even the smallest of issues.  

Put Your Calling Just a Click Away 

Thanks to our built-in Microsoft Teams Integration, your calling solution is now able to be housed directly in your Teams Portal! No more switching between different applications for communicating. Simply select the Centra IP Networks tab in Teams and have access to the entire hosted PBX calling porta. This puts your business line just a click away.  

As a bonus over those who use Teams exclusively to provide their voice solution, should Teams go down, you are not stuck waiting for it to be fixed. Just hop on into the Centra IP Networks Portal. This can be accessed via softphone, mobile phone, or desk phone, and stay connected to your customers with ease!  

Centra IP Networks Now Integrates! 

While Microsoft Teams hosted PBX will give companies a basic phone service, the solution is missing features that can take businesses to the next level. If you are ready to boost your customer service with bonus features only available with a paired solution, Centra IP Networks is here for you. Contact us today to learn more about the business-boosting benefits of integrating your Microsoft Teams with a trusted PBX provider! 


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