Key Tips to Consider Prior to Choosing an IP Communications Company

Communicating with your clients and customers is the key to success for any company. New IP communication solutions continually offer new and unique opportunities for businesses to connect with its customers and staff. A positive experience is so important for creating and developing loyalty and gaining new customers.

Today’s communications system is very complex, while technologies such as VoIP, unified communications and SIP bring undoubted benefits, there remains a certain amount of confusion around the solutions. At Advanced Communications, we want our potential customers to know if this is the right time for you to transition and change. The tips below look to assist companies get the most out of an investment in IP communications to ensure a smooth transition and a quick realization of the perceived benefits.

1. Understand the business needs.

As with any investment, it is important to consider your overall business needs. You need to have a complete understanding of your whole business structure from the capacity of your current network, the volume of communications presently happening, as well the impact of IP and unified communications on the way your company communicates with its customers.

2. End-to-End Testing.

End-to-End testing is so important if organizations are to make the best of its investment. The pace at which technologies, like VoIP, are being implemented into business surroundings means that testing can seem like an unrealistic prospect. Research does show from the Customer Experience Forum the project cost overruns can be over ninety percent if testing is not done.

3. Making Sure of Quality of Experience.

Identifying the problems before they reach employees or customers is the ideal scenario for any new technology investment. Validating the Quality of Experience using true-life situations delivers objective information, which can then be used to pro-actively work on issues before they affect anyone.

4. Consistent monitoring.

Continuous, end-to-end monitoring of the contact center ensures that problems occurring after implementation can be promptly found and resolved, minimizing the disruption and costs. Something will always go wrong, but identifying problems sooner will save on time and money.

5. Ensure staff buy-in.

The introduction of new IP communications system can change the workplace beyond all recognition for employees. The need for managers to ensure employees are not alienated by the introduction of new technology and have buy in from the very start of the project is crucial for a smooth transition.

These are just a few of the key points to consider. At Advanced Communications, we would welcome the opportunity to help you with any questions to serve your needs. Give us a call today!


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