How to Generate More Business with Professional Voice Greetings

voice greetings

Small businesses tend to think they can’t afford professional voice greetings.  However, effective voicemail greetings can help your business become more efficient while improving conversions.  For just a small cost, professional voice greetings can have a large impact on increasing the number of messages left by customers and reducing hang-up calls.  In addition, you can promote your services and advertise your latest promotions while they are on hold. 


  • Make a Good 1st Impression – Instead of a potential client reaching someone’s personal voice mailbox, you can increase the chances of them leaving you a message by creating professional voice greetings. 
  • Improve Business Efficiency – Reduce your need for administrative support answering incoming calls by having an automated messaging system. By creating simple, clear messages you can guide your customers to the appropriate department quickly. 
  • Promote Services and Promotions – If you do have wait times, you can create promotional messages for your customer to hear while they wait. Instead of silence or really bad elevator music, you can create engaging messages.  The messages can range from the different services or products you offer to tell them about how to take advantage of different promotions you are running. 
  • Increase Customer Retention – Customers no longer have to be frustrated by getting busy signals, being put on hold, or going to a generic voicemail inbox not set up wondering if anyone will receive the message at all. Instead, they receive confirmation they have left the message with the right person and someone will be returning their call. 
  • Improve Message Communication – Instead of scribbled notes, you can listen to your clients’ messages without a filter and know the details they left for you directly. 

Building trust with your customers is essential in maintaining a good working relationship.  By adding professional greetings to your voicemail, your customers will appreciate the personal yet professional touch you are giving them. 

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