5 Industries That Benefit from SMS Marketing

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Business owners these days have a lot of options when it comes to marketing their business. Traditional marketing can still be effective. However, it is important to reach to old and new demographics using old and new technology to promote your business. There is one device that most people don’t leave home without…their smartphone. Some tech savvy businesses are capitalizing on smartphone usage and have added SMS marketing to their bag of advertising and marketing tricks. With 70% of consumers checking their phones 11+ times throughout the day, it is safe to say that if a business wants to communicate with their clients, a quick text message could be the most effective way to do so. Read on to learn how five different industries are benefiting from SMS marketing.  

Restaurants & SMS Marketing

Restaurants have a unique opportunity when it comes to SMS marketing.  When they send out their marketing at targeted times, restaurants can suggest a visit with special offers. All of this before a customer even thinks of “what’s for dinner.”   

Not only are restaurants taking advantage of all the advertising perks of SMS marketing, but they have also integrated SMS messaging into the dining experience.  Customers can set up reservations through SMS. Additionally, now restaurants can not only confirm reservations, but also notify their customers when their table is ready!  Meaning patrons no longer must carry around the “buzzers” of the past. As the patron continues their dining experience, the restaurant can offer a digital menu via QR codes at their table or texting a link to the diner. After their satisfying meal, customers have the ability to pay with their cell phones and receive their receipt via SMS messaging. 

Restaurants have also considered SMS features for customers who would like to order for at-home dining. Carry-out and delivery customers can stay updated on the status of their order with text notifications. From as early as when the order is placed to when the order is ready for curbside pickup, or how soon the order will be delivered, SMS notifications will keep your customers informed.  


Grocery retailers are another industry utilizing SMS marketing features. Not only can grocers send sales promotions and alerts to their customers, but customers can order online and have an employee complete their shopping for them.  With Virtual Shopper Communications, the customer can stay informed with any substitutions that need to be made to their order. When Curbside Pickup and Delivery options are available, customers can stay updated with a pickup or delivery time via text notifications. It’s no wonder that online grocery shopping increased by 53% in 2020. 


Some key SMS marketing features that retail companies employ to improve customer experience are through text notifications. With retailers notifying customers of seasonal products, current trend alerts, and special sales and promotions, it’s the text savvy customer that wins. Retailers are also taking the next step in contactless shopping by offering curbside pickup, customers can text the store when they arrive, and their order will be right out.  

Using SMS Marketing in Professional Businesses/Offices 

Business professionals have also started to incorporate SMS into the corporate world.  Business leaders communicate to both in-house employees and customers with SMS messaging. Workers can now get notifications on company events, appointment settings and reminders, and any widescale staff messaging that needs to go out.  With 74% of users reporting to have ZERO unread messages by the end of the day, you can guarantee that workers get the information they need. Not only have businesses adapted SMS for in-house duties, but also for their clients.  

Auto responses can keep customers informed instantaneously, even after office hours are over. Clients can be reminded of appointments, receive product advice, or even provide feedback to the company through SMS messaging. 

Schools & Universities 

From preschools to universities, staff, students, parents, and community members all want the most up-to-date information about their schools. Reaching these key stakeholders has never been easier.  School closures, school events, and emergency alerts can easily be sent through SMS. School staff can also send important caregiver notifications without interrupting anyone’s day. 

Schools and Universities that utilize SMS can not only keep their stakeholders informed, but also encourage learning. Teachers can now send reminders to students of upcoming assignment due dates through SMS, and it’s a good thing they do because 86% of students said they completed a task they hadn’t done yet due to text reminders. Students have also reported that they find text reminders useful well into college (84% of respondents) and students want to be reminded of important information via text (85% of respondents). 

SMS Marketing with Centra IP Networks  

Creating an effective marketing campaign has never been easier with SMS marketing. Encourage your customers with special promotions, coupons, notifications and so much more. With all the features included in the SMS module of your phone system portal, both employee and customer satisfaction will rise.  

Contact us today and let Centra IP Networks help you incorporate SMS marketing into your organization today.  

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