Advanced Communications LLC Unveils Dynamic Rebranding strategy:  Elevating vision and experience to Reflect a Broader Range of Business Solutions and Rebranding to Centra IP Networks  

Tampa – January 17, 2024 – Advanced Communications LLC, a leading provider of business communication solutions, announced today that it has completed i’s rebranding to Centra IP Networks. The decision to rebrand reflects the company’s ongoing commitment to delivering a comprehensive suite of business solutions beyond phone systems while maintaining the same high level of […]

Epygi and Advanced Communications Announce Interoperability Partnership

Epygi and Advanced Communications Announce Interoperability Partnership

Tampa, Florida and Altamonte Springs, Florida, USA (March 27, 2023)  – Epygi Technologies, a worldwide provider of Integrated Communications Solutions, is excited to announce an interoperability partnership with Advanced Communications, a full-service communications equipment and service firm. Advanced Communications focuses on small to mid-size businesses and offers a great solution for your communication needs. Epygi and […]

How to Generate More Business with Professional Voice Greetings

voice greetings

Small businesses tend to think they can’t afford professional voice greetings.  However, effective voicemail greetings can help your business become more efficient while improving conversions.  For just a small cost, professional voice greetings can have a large impact on increasing the number of messages left by customers and reducing hang-up calls.  In addition, you can promote […]

How a CRM Integration Can Benefit Your Business

Are you looking for a way to make managing your CRM software easier?  Do you often find yourself flipping back and forth between multiple tools and systems to complete your latest project? That’s where a CRM software integration comes in.  CRM integration will not only save your sales team time but will ease your frustration […]

Benefits of Security Cameras for Businesses

security camera

Security cameras for businesses have become an extremely popular choice for organizations in every industry to help monitor everything from employee performance to the overall security of customers, personnel, and company assets. As technology advances, especially in the way of cameras, organizations have numerous options to choose from to ensure the best protection. When you […]

How Mobile Apps Affect Remote Workers

person using mobile app

Nearly everything about 2020 was difficult, and organizations across the globe have been impacted heavily by the need to transition employees from working collectively in their offices into the remote work model. While remote work isn’t a new concept overall, for many businesses, it is a new frontier that they have had to conquer over […]

Long Lasting Impacts on Telecom Due to COVID-19

the lasting effects of COVID-19 on telecom

Organizations around the globe continue to be impacted by the new procedures, restrictions, and guidelines that have come into effect as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. For many businesses, this has created a constant need to adapt quickly to industry-specific changes as well as develop new strategies that affect how the business world operates as […]

Understanding VPNs and How They Impact Your Business

VPN network

As business transactions are increasingly conducted across the internet, it is important to ensure the security as well as the integrity of the online data during transmission. Hackers and other malicious actors are constantly looking for ways to access private data for nefarious purposes, and businesses that have their data compromised may suffer adverse financial […]

Ignoring the Improvement Room

We have all heard the catchphrase, “There is always room for improvement.” Sometimes, it is easy to ignore the improvement room because it is–let’s face it—more work. We allow ourselves to be content with the day in and day out business operations. Take heed, the same operations of business year in and year out is […]