Finding the Right Business Phone System for Your Business

Today’s marketplace offers multitudes of business phone systems. From small to medium to large sized businesses, there are many choices. Whether choosing from a VOIP system, PBX, virtual PBX systems or more, there are many to choose from. There are many types of configurations and types of networks with so many questions to ask. But how does a business find the right business phone system that works best for their company?

There are several things to consider when evaluating and before deciding on the system that is the best fit.

1. Understand what your employees needs are. Each business phone system has its own unique differences and features. Knowing what tools will serve as more functional will definitely help in making the final decision. Some of the many features to consider for choosing the right business system may be: videoconferencing, automated attendant, paging and intercom, wireless IP phones, unified messaging that allows notifications by email/text/phone, integration with a CRM system, and a presence technology, which allows the ability to see who may be at their desk and available at a moment’s notice.

2. Getting advice and talking to a trusted advisor. With a big business decision like this, it is so important to ask others that you trust and those that will give objective and un-biased advice in the industry. Sometimes, one or two people within an organization need to take a step back and let others help and be sure to have the most information before choosing the right business phone system.

3. Are your employees prepared and ready to be trained? With a new system, is it simple enough and are your employees ready to adapt to the new system? A half day’s training may be necessary and is important that the employees have the confidence to have the success with the new system.

4. Expansion options. When searching for the right business system, if your company is planning on growing, it is important to know that the type of business system can grow and expand with newer features when they become available. Sometimes, the type of equipment is limited and may not be able to grow as time goes on.

We hope this is a great step in choosing the right business phone system for your business.


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