Advanced Communications Works with TAMCO and Lease to Own Programs

At Advanced Communications, we want to offer the finest technology and phone system solutions for your small and medium sized businesses. Some of these include digital phone systems, VOIP business systems, data networking, surveillance systems, infrastructure design and implementation, business phone/T1/VOIP/data service and audio/video installations.

With over fifteen years of experience and service, we have also searched for alternative financial solutions to help our clients and potential clients start more quickly with the type of business phone system that they may need. One way that Advanced Communications has done this is by partnering with TAMCO. TAMCO offers two financial solutions for businesses.

The two TAMCO solutions are their traditional leasing program and the TAMCO Shield program. Both options are available in 24 or 36 month terms but are completely different types of programs. The traditional leasing program is what we are accustomed to in making the monthly payment and after the contract term, then the customer or business then owns the system.

The TAMCO Shield program is a little bit different in that it helps the customer determine how they will acquire the equipment. In making the decision to select the TAMCO Shield program, this can save your business thousands of dollars and help in possibly with a decision on how you look at your business assets. In business or with most any type of purchase, as soon as a product has been purchased, the value of the asset begins to decrease.

With the TAMCO Shield program, it allows the flexibility to help your business needs today without having to worry about what you may or may not need in the future. The Shield program includes a System Replacement Guarantee that protects your business from changes and out of date technology by giving businesses the flexibility to change from one solution to another, with rolling over the previous balance or charging unseen fees.

The TAMCO Shield program also may provide tax benefits and qualifies for an “off balance sheet” accounting plan. The equipment is also covered by a natural disaster with their Act of God coverage. There are also other options available with the Shield program. We believe the TAMCO Shield program offers the lowest cost method with all things considered. At Advanced Communications, we believe in offering the best solutions for your business.


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