Advanced Communications Offers Free Bill Reviews

At Advanced Communications, we believe that it’s important to help our clients in every way that we can. Not only do we want our clients to have the best and most affordable business phone system that they can afford along with our other products and services but we also decided that we would help our clients and potential clients save as much money as they could with their telephone bills.

Our experts would sit down and analyze your telephone bill for review and check for any overcharges and fees that we can negotiate with the phone company and either reduce your monthly phone bill or encourage you to transfer your business to another carrier that will help save you and your business money. Some of the areas that we look at include wireless bills and data cards, long distance line bills, POTS/analog lines and voice and data bills.

Our team at Advanced Communications can represent you or can give you advice on negotiating with your existing telephone carrier to get rid of overcharges and reduce your rates. Any savings that Advanced Communications is able to help you get refunded, we would retain fifty percent of this, which is the reason of being free upfront. Of course, any savings that you would have from a lower phone bill, in the future, are those to keep in your pocket every month afterwards.

Our Advanced Communications experts will also review your bills for errors, review surcharges and fees, review and investigate utilization of all services, can negotiate with the carrier to lower your rates and help make the necessary reductions with the carrier as your liason.

At Advanced Communications, we are committed to helping you and your business save as much money as possible through various ways. Whether this is by saving money on your phone bill or saving money by installing the right business phone system and having the best and right technology for your business.

We pride ourselves in being the one-stop shop for small to medium sized businesses for their technology needs. With our experience and many solutions, we are making a difference in helping businesses throughout our communities.


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