Phone System Buyer’s Guide. The Essential Features to Look for 

Phone System Buyer's Guide

Choosing the right phone system doesn’t just impact your communication. It impacts customer satisfaction, employee productivity, and overall business growth. But only if it has the right features.   

Phone systems can make all the difference between ho-hum communication and communication that wows. This is why our team compiled a list of essentials in this short phone system buyer’s guide.   

Here, you can discover what features are must-haves and which are purely preferential.  

Phone System Buyer’s Guide: Essential Features to Look for in Your Solution  

VoIP Capabilities  

If a phone system runs on VoIP, you can be sure it’ll save you money. Because instead of using expensive copper lines, they use the internet to transmit costs. Now you can consolidate your internet and phone expenses into a single bill. Oh, and a VoIP phone system also eliminates long-distance fees, making it an excellent option for businesses with a worldwide presence.   

And, since VoIP is so easy to scale, expanding your phone system is a breeze. Whether you’re adding new team members or multiple offices, VoIP-based systems can adapt to whatever you need without forcing you to buy a closet full of equipment.   

Call Management  

Mishandling calls can spell disaster for your business. Why? Because phone calls are still a very popular way for people to contact you. And if they don’t get an excellent first impression, 85%  of them will never call back.  

That’s why this phone system buyer’s guide suggests you prioritize call management features like:   

  • Automatic call forwarding & routing. Thanks to these features, all incoming calls will instantly find the correct department or individual. It speeds up response times, prevents missed calls, and minimizes wait times, making the caller’s experience stellar.   
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems. This feature’s perfect if you’d like to put the power in the caller’s hand. You can build automated responses and user-friendly menus to guide callers to the right place without your help. Talk about a time-saver!  

Mobile Application  

We live in a world of on-the-go communication. Over 50% of workers prefer to use their mobile phones for work. You need a phone system that can accommodate their preference. Especially because remote and hybrid work isn’t going away any time soon.  

Be sure your phone system has a mobile app (sometimes called a softphone). It turns any device into a secure business line. With it, your employees can access all their in-office capabilities from any location. No more giving out their cell numbers or frantically scrambling to join a video conference. Now they can do it all with just a few clicks.  

Conferencing and Collaboration  

Modern workforces rely on video conferencing quite a bit. And for good reason! Ninety-nine percent of workers say it improves communication for them. After all, it allows teams to meet regardless of physical distance. Plus, many phone systems – like the one Advanced Communications offers – allow them to share screens and files during these calls, which helps them share information far better than before.   

Security and Privacy  

One significant feature we’d recommend in this phone system buyer’s guide is encryption. It automatically encodes all your conversations, ensuring only authorized individuals can understand what you’re saying. It’s an excellent way to shield private information from prying ears. And a great way to preserve customers’ trust in you and your company. This encryption should cover everything from phone calls to instant messages.   

We’d also recommend looking for a phone system that offers Multi-Factor Authentication. It’ll help each user stay secure and prevent unauthorized access.   

Advanced Analytics  

Some people think analytics is a nice-to-have. We think it’s a must-have. Because when you can see your call statistics (how many calls you receive, the busiest times of day, and how long calls usually last), you can make better decisions. Here are some examples:  

  • You can have the right number of staff available when you need them the most.  
  • You can identify trends in how people communicate and add new channels accordingly.  
  • You can pinpoint areas where both customer interaction and employee performance can improve. 

So, really, phone system analytics helps you make your business better. Make sure you choose a system that has one.  

Want a Phone System that Checks All the Boxes?  

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