How to Know When it’s Time to Upgrade Business Phone System

Some business owners, as you may know, are extremely frugal and do not want to spend money unless absolutely necessary. Though it is important to be careful about not spending money on wasteful or unnecessary things, there must also be a time to know when the technology or something that is being used for your business is hurting or slowing down your business as we start the 2013 year.

Here are few factors that may help a business owner in knowing if it is time for a new business phone system or if the existing one is still a viable choice for their business.

1) Operational efficiency.

How is employee productivity? Is the current phone system starting to give headaches to your employees? Certain features not working or useful for today’s technology standards? A newer business phone system can speed up simple tasks, such as dialing and number searching. The network can also be managed centrally and elimination of smaller sites can be achieved since the data moves instantly across the IP network.

2) Comparing the costs.

This will most likely be the biggest factor for the leadership and/or business owner because of the investment of a new system. If a phone system is needed by an expert service technician or a business is getting ready to experience large growth in call volume or staff, it may also be the right time to seriously consider upgrading a business phone system. Also, there are ways to finance these phone systems with the right companies, including Advanced Communications, to help lighten the cost and ease in to the new system.

3) Employee usage benefits.

If several employees are having issues with the phone system, then it probably is an issue for most. If you’re not able to simply connect with fellow employees or simple things are difficult to complete with the phone system, then it may be time to consider a new business phone system.

Today’s technology has changed so much from even a few years ago. A change in the business phone system can also add to your employees’ morale, especially if some have become frustrated with the system. It’s not easy to make a decision like this sometimes but the long-term savings, features and new technology can help prepare a company for success.


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