Why Choose an Orlando Telephone Company? 

orlando telephone company

In previous blog posts, we’ve gone over how helpful it is to consider local service providers for your communication needs. There’s a whole host of benefits from more personal customer service to faster installation times. But did you know that there are state-specific benefits? For instance, Florida-based businesses might see more benefits choosing a Florida-based telephone company. Why? Because an Orlando telephone company is more familiar with Florida’s unique challenges than some of the major telephone providers. Here are a few things Florida businesses can expect if they choose an Orlando telephone company: 

Additional Failover at No Extra Charge 

Florida experiences all kinds of weather in a year. From tropical storms to category 5 hurricanes, Florida businesses need a telephone company that is prepared for anything. An Orlando telephone company can do just that. Local companies are more likely to have extra failover measures – making sure your calls can connect no matter how bad the weather is. Plus, many offer softphone options with their offering so even if the power goes down, you’ll still be able to run your business well. 

Quick Tip: Be sure you ask your provider what kind of failover plan they have in place! It never hurts to be thorough. 

Hands-On Disaster Recovery 

It’s a sad reality that sometimes, the bigger some providers are, the longer disaster recovery will take. Many residents in Southwest Florida experienced this firsthand when a major cable and internet provider went down for over 12 hours. It was a major disruption for local businesses and even government officials – all of whom use a great deal of online services in their day-to-day operations. Thankfully, service was eventually restored.  

A smaller provider, especially an Orlando telephone company, is more agile and quicker to respond to outage requests. This is because many large companies have multiple states to manage and a lot of requests to respond to before they can restore service. But if you stay local, all it will take to restore your phone system is a quick call to your Orlando telephone company and a repairperson will be there that same day.  

No-Hassle Tax Compliance 

An outside telecommunications company may not be aware of the communications services tax (CST) Florida implemented – which applies to all VoIP services as well as mobile communication. And if they aren’t aware of it, chances are they don’t include it in the cost of their service. This means you might have to pay the CST out of your own pocket. An Orlando telephone company will not only be familiar with the CST, but have it built into the price of their phone systems. No undue stress required! 

More Affordable Communications Solutions 

Another aspect that sets an Orlando telephone company apart from its competitors is that it can save its customers money. While Florida did implement the CST, the local taxes are significantly lower than in other states and it’s one of nine states without income tax. Many companies are moving their headquarters to Florida to ease their operational costs and enjoy some small business tax benefits. But what does all this have to do with you? Well, since Florida businesses have lower operational costs than businesses in other states, they can pass those savings onto their users! 

Advanced Communications: Your Orlando Telephone Company 

At Advanced Communications, we’re well aware of the challenges Florida businesses face. After all, we’ve been here for over 20 years! With offices in both Tampa and Orlando, our teams can quickly and easily deploy and support your business phone systems – without making you wait for days on end. Drop by our offices or give us a shout – we’d love to get you started! 

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