The Power of VoIP in DFW 


There’s no question about it, the Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) area is growing. With its low cost of living and growth-friendly business policies DFW is on its way to becoming the third-largest metro area by the 2030s. As companies move to, and continue to grow in, the DFW area, they need a solution that can keep pace with them. Enter VoIP DFW – a simple way for any business to effectively connect with their employees, remain productive, and keep costs low. 

VoIP DFW: An Explanation 

Before we jump into the benefits of VoIP, let’s talk about what it is. VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. It is a communications method that allows businesses to conduct their calls over an internet connection rather than through traditional copper lines. And it’s not just audio calls, but video calls as well. Because it’s the base for many kinds of solutions, you might hear VoIP referred to by other names as well, like cloud-based phone services or hosted PBX. 

VoIP DFW: Business for All 

According to DFW’s Federal Reserve, the fastest growing industries in the DFW area are leisure and hospitality, information services, education and health services, and construction. Each of these industries can experience the following benefits all thanks to VoIP DFW. 

Reliable Connectivity.

Being able to connect with your customers no matter what is vital for any company. Unfortunately, traditional phone lines aren’t as reliable as they used to be. If the power goes out, or aging copper lines need to be serviced, your phone system could be out for hours, days, and even weeks!  

A VoIP phone system isn’t subject to any of those risks. Many VoIP DFW providers offer guaranteed uptimes as high as 99.999% meaning that if the power fails, your phone system won’t. Plus, many VoIP phone systems are equipped with a proprietary softphone app, allowing you to continue making and taking calls from any internet-connected device. 

Example: Instead of hoping that their phones aren’t knocked out by the incoming tornado, DFW school administrators use their VoIP phone system to send out calls and texts telling parents there will be no school tomorrow. 

Simple Scaling – Up and Down.

If you’re a growing DFW business, your phone system should be growing with you – not holding you back with complicated installations and fees. Thankfully, VoIP phone solutions are simple to scale! Using the online administrator’s portal, you can add new users, and new numbers, with just a few clicks. No hardware orders or complicated handbooks needed! 

Example: You’re outfitting a new healthcare clinic in DFW and have hired fifteen employees. All those employees need a way to communicate with their team and office manager. With VoIP, your administrative team can add fifteen new users to the system and connect them to one another in less than a day.  

Simple Hardware & Software Integrations.

Every industry has its own proprietary software and hardware systems they use. Everyone needs a communications solution that can slot right in with those systems. We’ll give a few examples: 

  • Hotels need hundreds of phones that can sync with their customer service and room management systems.  
  • School admins need classroom phones that can be easily managed alongside D2L Brightspace or Google Classroom.  
  • Construction companies need to manage multiple sites remotely and combining their phone and security system management would save a lot of time. 

VoIP is the solution for you! Thanks to their robust APIs, VoIP phone systems can integrate hundreds of software and hardware, giving you the ability to build a custom unified communication solution. No need to open multiple tabs or log into dozens of apps. Just log into one system for all the information you need. 

Enables Remote & Hybrid Work Environments.

It’s predicted that over 25% of jobs in the United States will stay remote, with even more trying out a hybrid work environment. While not all jobs are as conducive to remote work (like construction for example) many jobs require a busy travel schedule. So having a secure business line that’s accessible from anywhere is a must.  

That’s where VoIP comes in again. With its softphone technology, any internet-connected device can become a secure business line. All the user has to do is install the right application and they can work from anywhere. 

  • Traveling to a new job site across the country but your managers need an update? Give them the details from the new job site.  
  • Out on a field trip with the class but an administrator is calling about one of the students? Answer it quickly and securely right by the elephants. 
  • Catching up on emails at the airport but a guest having issues with their room? Pick up the virtual phone right from your laptop. 

And that’s just a small taste of the benefits you can enjoy with a VoIP solution!  

Advanced Communications: Your VoIP DFW Provider 

Looking to find a trusted VoIP DFW provider? Look no further than Advanced Communications. We’re a one-stop communication shop in the DFW area, offering everything from VoIP phone systems to business texting, virtual faxing, data networking, cloud storage and so much more. With over 15 years of experience, we have the skills it takes to give you the VoIP solution you need at a price you can afford. Schedule your exploratory call today

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