Understanding VPNs and How They Impact Your Business

VPN network
VPNs on tablet

As business transactions are increasingly conducted across the internet, it is important to ensure the security as well as the integrity of the online data during transmission. Hackers and other malicious actors are constantly looking for ways to access private data for nefarious purposes, and businesses that have their data compromised may suffer adverse financial and other legal consequences. Of the various security tools businesses have at their disposal to secure their data during transmission, the most effective is a virtual private network, also known as a VPNs. 


A VPN can be described as a tunnel within the public internet used to transmit private data. VPNs allow for secure private connections to be made to other sites across the internet. The data transmitted within these secure connections are encrypted and therefore can only be read by those who have the correct administrative rights to the data. In addition to data encryption, VPNs are also used to hide IP addresses such that users can protect their identity and keep their location secure. 


As a business owner, there are several benefits you stand to gain from using a VPN in conducting your online business transactions: 

  • Enhanced security: With VPNs, your data is not transmitted across the open internet; this, therefore, reduces the risk of your data being targeted. Furthermore, VPNs also ensure that your data is encrypted during transmission. 
  • Remote access: VPNs offer your workers the ability to work remotely from any location. Your workers are able to establish a secure connection from their devices to your data servers and thereby perform their job duties; as a result, their productivity is increased. 
  • Enhanced privacy: VPNs mask users’ IP addresses by providing a VPN address instead. This is especially useful if you do business internationally and have concerns about your safety or privacy. 
  • Location independence: If you do business with countries that have strict internet restrictions such that you are unable to access relevant sites from within that country, you can use a VPN to make it look like you are logging in from another country; this bypasses the restrictions so that you have access to the sites you need for your business. 

At Advanced Communication, we are extremely knowledgeable in setting up and maintaining VPNs for businesses. We have experts on hand ready to discuss your needs with you about how you can get started with a VPN for your business. Contact us today for more information. 


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