Safeguarding Your Business by Understanding the Benefits of Video Surveillance Systems 

best security camera system for business

The nature of crime in modern times has changed, and not entirely for the better. The Council on Criminal Justice found that crimes such as property theft have seen “mixed” and complicated statistics, and crimes such as motor vehicle theft are rising by at least 104 percent, a statistic the council says has “more than doubled.”   

Video surveillance systems are cameras that serve as the “remote eyes and ears” of businesses, helping them to monitor their offices and other business facility locations from a distance. While there are many benefits of video surveillance systems for businesses, some standout times include the following:   

Increase Security Through Visibility  

One of the peak benefits of video surveillance systems for business is that it gives your team an elevated sense of security in the workplace. Video surveillance can give companies greater visibility into their physical locations remotely.  A surveillance camera has the advantage of catching criminal activity at the job site and off-site when law enforcement can identify a suspect based on visuals. Likewise, a business owner can see what is happening at their business site even when they are not present. This allows them to catch unfamiliar faces on site and call law enforcement if something seems suspicious.   

Additional Things to Consider 

Businesses are unique in their structure, budgets, and needs, which compels business managers to see hosted services to assess the individuality of a company and recommend options that make the most sense for the structure. When considering what system to purchase, experts suggest teams seek services that can provide the following:   

  •  Cost Mitigation: Many businesses that use video surveillance systems say one of the primary benefits of using them is their cost efficiency and their mitigation of costs that come from petty thefts, break-ins, and other breaches of the business premises. Insurance providers have noted that a video surveillance system, as a theft deterrent, can even prevent the risk of insurance claims, saving businesses insurance costs on top of the other costs that come from crime. 
best security cameras for business
  • Consistent efficiency: Like other forms of security, a video surveillance system must constantly monitor for slight changes in the working environment. Fortunately, a hosted video surveillance system runs smoothly, providing consistent efficiency to the end user.  
  • Peace of mind: Choosing tools that mitigate complications and make it easier to breathe is vital to securing peace of mind through the full benefits of video surveillance systems for business. Before making a purchase, consider if the system can be integrated with existing information technology in the establishment in a way that will be non-invasive to the existing infrastructure. 

The Benefits of Video Surveillance Systems for Business 

Picture this: you are working in a warehouse over the night shift near a quiet, dark street with a notoriously dangerous neighborhood behind it. All your co-workers work in different building levels, which are large, dark, and challenging to navigate at night without turning on the lights. Are there security cameras, or are there no security cameras? If there are security cameras, then do you feel safer knowing they are there?   

If you answered yes, then you are in good company. State security reports from the Pew Research Center in 2022 revealed that 91 percent of surveyed schools have at least one on-site camera. For businesses with the scenario above, the benefits of video surveillance systems for business are upfront. For others, in well-lit areas with nice neighborhoods nearby, using video surveillance may not be as apparently purposeful. Still, surveillance cameras have more uses than merely deterring criminals and calling the police if suspicious movement goes off past a sensor.   

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The Centra IP Networks Solution 

As security challenges grow in an environment where safety is constantly challenged in more creative ways, a company must consider a robust video surveillance system as a high priority. For security needs that require a deeper understanding, businesses choose Centra IP Networks solutions.  

Through Centra IP Networks, your team can enjoy video security and all the conveniences of hosted PBX phone systems and call centers all under one roof. Contact us today to learn more about how you can transform your business communications experience with the next level of communications technology. 


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