The Perfect Phone Systems for Car Dealerships 

The Perfect Phone System for a Car Dealership

The chip shortage has made a large impact on the automobile industry. As you are combating those issues, you shouldn’t have to be frustrated with complications that can come up with an antiquated phone system. After all, 61% of new and used vehicle shoppers contact the dealership by calling after a search, according to LSA.  That’s why we think a cloud-based solution is the best phone system for car dealerships.  

Phone Systems for Car Dealerships: What You Need 

Your car dealership has many needs from your phone system that you may not even know about. Did you know that you can get mobility, security of business assets, security of personal information, and ease of use all from a cloud-based phone system?  


Car dealerships need a phone system as flexible as they are. With multiple buildings, departments, and service areas, mobility is key to a successful car dealership. The only way to successfully achieve mobility is through a cloud-based phone system.  

Softphone capabilities use applications that can be installed on mobile devices connected to your phone system. This means that any device that is either hard-wired or wirelessly connected to the internet can be a part of your phone system.  


You may be wondering about the security of your business assets and your employee’s personal information if you are installing an app on a personal device.  

Security of Business Assets

  • The admin’s system portal allows calls that go through the app can be tracked, supervised, and even recorded.
  • The app also houses all of the client’s information. This adds a layer of protection against an accidental dial or information leak.  
  • Additionally, the mobile application automatically encrypts all conversations.

Security of Employee’s Personal Information

  • The app allows users to make and receive calls with their business number instead of their personal phone number.  
  • Even though you and your employees can access your work phone system on your mobile devices, your personal contacts, messages, voice mail, call logs, and even personal data cannot be accessed from the phone system.  

Ease of Use

Cloud-based phone systems for car dealerships make working on the cloud easier than ever. The portal included with a cloud-based phone system gives the administrator of the system complete control over the phone system. This means that YOU decide what phones ring in what order. You can also customize a menu for callers. This allows their call to be directed to the correct department or building.  

Not only does a cloud-based phone system make it easy to make, take, and manage voice calls, but video conferencing and messaging can also be a part of the phone system for car dealerships. This is a complete game changer! 

The all-inclusive nature of a cloud-based phone system for car dealerships allows your employees to work more efficiently and effectively. Your employees will be able to navigate phone calls faster and increase their customer service. As your customer service increases, so will your reputation as a business.  

The Perfect Phone Systems for Car Dealerships 

Here at Advanced Communications, we know how important it is to have a great phone system for your car dealership. Communicating with your customers and employees through your phone system should be easy. Our cloud-based PBX phone systems have all the features your car dealership needs to run effectively and efficiently.  

Give one of our highly trained specialists a call today. We would love to talk to you about your business and give you our suggestions for the perfect communications solution for you and your business needs. Let Advanced Communications find your perfect fit!

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