Maintaining Privacy While Using a Mobile Number 

Maintaining Privacy While Using a Mobile Number

Customers are demanding faster and faster response times from businesses. But with so many teams being spread thin, communicating effectively with customers – and even with other employees – can be a challenge. Which is why approximately 82% of employees use their personal smartphones to make and take business communications. However, this may bring up some concerns about mobile number privacy and what steps can be taken to ensure the security of employees’ private information. 

The Challenges of Mobile Usage 

While using mobile phones is quite convenient, doing so poses quite a few challenges to both personal and corporate privacy. On a corporate level, mobile phones are easily lost, have little-to-no antimalware protection, and often connect to unsecured Wi-Fi networks. This could lead to confidential information being compromised. On a personal level, giving out your cell phone number to customers and fellow workers means you no longer have a healthy work-life balance. You can be contacted in the evenings, on weekends, and even on vacation. Such hyper-accessibility, though helpful at first, will lead to workplace burnout. In fact, according to a recent study, workers who exceed 50 hours of work a week have a higher risk of burnout.  

So, what’s the answer? How does a business give their employees the flexibility they crave, communicate well with their customers, and also maintain mobile number privacy? 

Ensuring Mobile Number Privacy and Security of Mobile Devices with Unified Communications (UC) Apps 

The simplest, most affordable answer is to utilize UC mobile apps! Commonly referred to as “softphones” by many providers, UC applications transform any mobile, internet-connected device into an office phone.  

How does a UC Application Help Maintain Mobile Number Privacy? 

Allow users to make and receive calls on their business numbers from their personal devices.

Say a customer called your business line while you were away from your desk. That call would not only ring on your desk phone but also on your mobile app, allowing you to take the call from your smartphone without giving out your personal information. This also gives you the ability to call customers from a number they recognize no matter if you’re at your desk or not! 

Calls made on the app can be tracked, supervised, and recorded from the system’s admin portal.  

Calls made on personal devices are extremely difficult, in some cases almost impossible, for a company to monitor. But not with a UC mobile app! Any call made on the app will be recorded within the system, so you have a record of it for future reference or training purposes. Some apps even allow managers to barge, whisper, or monitor calls from the app as well. 

Keeps work contacts separate from personal contacts.  

No more accidentally butt-dialing a big client while out with family. The app houses your work contacts and keeps them secure. This prevents potential misuse or pirating of their numbers. 

Your provider encrypts your conversations.

Most providers heavily encrypt their UC applications. This protects your conversations against any malware or phishing attacks. 

Users can access work voicemails within the app.  

Instead of having missed call logs and records on your personal device, you now have it in one, highly secure location. Never worry about compromising sensitive conversations should your phone fall into the wrong hands.

In addition to all these benefits, employees also have access to all the typical office phone features within UC apps as well. They can transfer calls to the proper department, start and join conference calls, put callers on hold, and more! Not to mention these applications are simple to use and extremely cost-effective. 

Increase Flexibility While Maintaining Privacy with Advanced Communications 

Looking for a way to maintain your current flexibility while ensuring mobile number privacy? Look no further than Advanced Communications! We equip our cloud PBX system with a robust mobile application. This allows you to reap all these benefits and more for one low monthly rate.  

Ready to learn more? Just reach out to our team of experts! We would be more than happy to give you a demonstration.  

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