Easily Expand Your Business with a PBX Phone System 

Easily Expand Your Business with a PBX Phone System

If you’re looking to expand your business, you’re in good company. In fact, 41% of small businesses have plans to grow in 2022. Some are focusing on increasing their advertising budget. Others are looking to increase customer retention with loyalty programs and improvements in customer service.  

No matter how you choose to go about expanding, there’s one thing that’s certain – as your revenue grows, your staff will as well. And one way to increase and retain employees quickly and efficiently is by investing in a cloud PBX phone system. Though it might seem like a leap, cloud PBX phone systems enable businesses to encourage and support workforce growth. We’ve listed just a few of those steps below. 

Hire the Best of the Best – No Matter Their Location 

Before the advancements in technology, hiring outside of your local area was just not possible. If a perfect candidate was found outside those limits, the only option would be for that person to move or higher someone less suited. However, with the advent of personal laptops, cell phones, and cloud PBX technology in the late 1990s and early 2000s, hiring remote workers started to become a viable option for businesses. 

Today remote work is now a standard for most businesses, no matter the size. There are currently over 4.7 million people currently working from home in the United States alone. No more relocation costs or less-than-stellar hires. Now, whom you hire no longer depends on location and skill but skill and skill alone, thanks in large part to cloud pbx phone systems. Remote employees can log into their phone system from anywhere, enabling them to make and receive calls on their business number, check their voicemail, chat with other employees, and so much more. 

Reduce Your Investment in Physical Hardware With A PBX Phone System

Once you hire new talent, the first step for most businesses is to get the employees set up with the proper hardware and software. However, communications hardware can be expensive for a small business owner – especially if they’re planning to ship that hardware to hybrid and fully remote employees. Typically, office phone hardware runs between $80 – $200 per phone, depending on what features you want or need.  

Cloud PBX phone systems can reduce, and even eliminate, the need to invest in such hardware. For employees currently in the office, cloud PBX phone systems are compatible with multiple phone types. There is no need to upgrade to a newer model or transition to a separate model entirely. You can use the phones you already have! For remote and hybrid employees, softphone technology included in most cloud pbx phone systems transforms any device into an office phone, giving them the ability to bring their own device (BYOD) to work.  

If that wasn’t enough, most cloud pbx phone systems allow one user to register multiple devices on the platform. You can give your new employees the ability to answer a call from either their office phone or cell phone. All without paying for additional phone lines or devices. 

Easily Add New Users for One Flat Rate 

Speaking of investments, adding new users to a cloud pbx phone system has never been easier. Instead of struggling with complicated installations or other technological hurdles, now you can add new users in a matter of seconds. This can be done straight from the phone system’s online platform. When a new user is added, most pbx phone system providers won’t charge you for the features they use or how many minutes they spend on the phone. They will charge you a single flat rate for everything. That’s right, everything. It’s just another way pbx phone systems allow your business to scale without incurring additional costs. 

Empower Employees to Customize Their Communications 

Once your employees are brought on, it’s important that they find a flow that fits their preferences and habits. Thankfully, cloud pbx phone systems offer extensive feature libraries. This allows users to pick and choose which features they need to be successful. They’re able to integrate with the software they use frequently, set office hours for themselves, personalize their voicemail greetings and hold music, and so much more. Being able to customize how customers and coworkers reach them – and when they reach them – can lead to an increase in not only employee productivity but employee satisfaction as well. 

Grow Your Business with Advanced Communications & A PBX Phone System

At Advanced Communications, your growth is our priority! This is why we built a cloud PBX phone system that can expand to meet your needs. Equipped with an intuitive UI, a fully-loaded library of essential features, compatibility with most major hardware brands, and more, it is a valuable asset for any business – whether you’ve been established for years or are just getting started.  

To learn more, reach out to our team! We’d be happy to set up a demonstration for you at your convenience. We look forward to supporting you and your teams! 

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