5 Key Services An IT Company Should Provide

So you’re at the point where you’re ready to change IT providers. In this week’s post we’ll discuss 5 key things your new IT services provider should be able to do – and do well! Let’s jump right in!

5 Key Services an IT Company Should Provide

  1. Identify high-risk areas of your network that should be immediately addressed. If your backup drive has been working for a number of years but only wants to back up local directories and not all the rest of the data you’re pumping out. Then that’s a critical need and something that should be addressed first to make sure your network remains stable. Simply put, if they can’t take issues and prioritize them according to your needs, then you shouldn’t be talking to them!
  2. Be able to provide 24/7 monitoring. Your system doesn’t sleep and as such, it’s susceptible to a security breach or malfunction at anytime. Your provider should always be on call to address any and all needs that pop up. After all, the more downtime your network experiences, the more money you stand to lose!
  3. Can create customized packages. While most IT companies have bundled packages that they offer their clients, an overwhelming amount of time is spent putting specifically tailored programs together for their clients that are based off the aforementioned packages. No network is the same – yours included. Always do your best to create an option that fits your needs the most!
  4. Can create a long-term plan of action for all your upgrades. No IT provider worth their salt should ever make you buy services you don’t need. That being said, they should be able to proactively work with you to identify areas where upgrades can help make your business run better. As is the case with any business venture – strategic planning is essential. It’s never about where you’ve been or where you’re at – but rather where you want to be.
  5. They’re always in listening mode. This is really an offshoot of the points we just mentioned. If they’re listening – and we mean really listening – then they should be able to easily meet these four key criteria. We feel IT providers should serve as trusted advisors who understand your business, its goals, needs and stays focused on improving the aspects of your network that can make the biggest difference in your productivity. Nothing more, nothing less!

Are you ready to make a change and add value to your business? Give us a call today and we’ll help make the technology work for you, not against you!


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