Long Lasting Impacts on Telecom Due to COVID-19

the lasting effects of COVID-19 on telecom

Organizations around the globe continue to be impacted by the new procedures, restrictions, and guidelines that have come into effect as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. For many businesses, this has created a constant need to adapt quickly to industry-specific changes as well as develop new strategies that affect how the business world operates as a whole. The demand for more robust connectivity and networking infrastructure increases as more companies shift into the remote work model and transition their employees into completing tasks from home, and a host of new responsibilities is initiated for telecommunications companies as the world searches for better ways to conduct business amidst a global pandemic. 


Remote work has remained among the top concerns for telecommunications companies for multiple reasons, but it isn’t the only challenge that these organizations are facing right now. From supply chain and operations to customer service, changes to daily procedures are necessary to keep information flowing. 

  • Concerns surrounding the potential loss of productivity for certain positions transitioning to remote work have been considered, and risk mitigation guidelines have been developed for front-line employees such as customer service representatives who are required to remain on-site. 
  • Network equipment pertaining to fiberoptic and 5G has hit a roadblock with decreased construction operations and organizations have had to take action by reviewing customer fees during service disruptions and leveraging transparency when managing stakeholder expectations. 
  • Business travel has ground to a halt within most organizations which has increased the need for advanced protection of their communication systems. Telecommunications companies have responded by providing support for technologies such as PBX cloud services and other means of securing corporate data while offering robust communication capabilities. 
  • As supply chain disruptions create issues for financial reporting, organizations have responded by adjusting their financial projections, reviewing audit impact, and communicating revenue implications to shareholders. 
  • Many businesses are slowing their capital spending and organizations have had to reevaluate their cost structures and make decisions based on the threat of a potential economic recession. 
  • Numerous customers have had increased demands as a result of their own financial uncertainty which organizations have combatted with increased support options such as providing structured financing plans and removing limits on various services. 


While the future ramifications and long-term duration of COVID-19 are still unknown, it can be expected that many businesses will continue to support their employees by offering remote work opportunities, even for positions that pre-pandemic would have been exclusively on-site. Without a doubt, this will mean that IT technology such as advanced cloud storage and digital features such as e-conference capability, video chatting, ultra-high-speed internet, mobile applications, and more will become paramount to the success and new-normal operation of many organizations. 


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