How Mobile Apps Affect Remote Workers

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Nearly everything about 2020 was difficult, and organizations across the globe have been impacted heavily by the need to transition employees from working collectively in their offices into the remote work model. While remote work isn’t a new concept overall, for many businesses, it is a new frontier that they have had to conquer over a very short period of time. One of the biggest challenges during this transition has been determining the best methods for keeping employees and teams connected at all times, even when they may span across multiple cities, countries, and continents. Mobile apps for business teams have served as a blessing over the past year, and many organizations have utilized both custom and existing tools to adapt and remain productive. 

The main issue is that in today’s business world, teams need more than just email to stay connected. Employees working from their home offices still need access to corporate server files and much of this data is heavily safeguarded. They also still need to make phone calls, and this means using personal devices in place of secure company phones. Once again, the safety of corporate data, calls, and information becomes a concern, but this is where solutions such as business internet and phone (soft phone services) can be implemented to save the day. 


The good news for today’s remote workers and indeed, their employers, is that there are numerous mobile apps for business that can provide supportive assistance and simplify daily tasks in a remote work setting. Many of these focus on video conferencing, task management, live chat, VoIP soft phone services, and CRM integration to keep employees, teams, and customers connected. These apps enable remote workers to enhance their productivity and continue to offer the same services while keeping sensitive corporate data protected and secured. 


Organizations typically use two types of mobile apps for business purposes, both of which enable their teams to fully interact from various locations across the globe. 

  1. Collaboration. Apps that enable video conferencing, live chat, VoIP softphones, and optimized task management help remote teams to collaborate on projects and share information easily between different departments. 
  1. Remote Access. To stay connected to corporate servers, teams can utilize business internet and phone services to enable both Intranet and Extranet access, Cloud and mobile access, soft phone services, as well as CRM integration. 


Even before remote work became somewhat of a standard in the business world, employees have been utilizing their personal mobile devices more and more for business-related activities. A great benefit is that there isn’t much that employees need to spend time learning because it’s the device that they’re already using for everything else. As a result, implementing mobile apps for business is relatively simple for any organization to achieve, and the advantages are significant. 


Employees who work in the field need strong connectivity solutions and mobile apps for business enable them to perform more efficiently. From logging site photos and accessing remote server files to staying connected with teams and remaining available to customers through soft phone services, mobile apps for business can help field employees increase their productivity without relying on the traditional office setup. 


While working from home, employees need to be connected into their company’s systems in order to complete their work. Mobile apps for business can enable them to manage phone calls through VoIP softphones, connect with other team members using video conferencing, and access important files remotely through secure means. These solutions provide those working from home with all of the essential tools, right at their fingertips. 


Travel may come with confining restrictions these days, but it is often necessary for employees to move around between job sites or visit remote areas in order to perform their tasks. In these cases, tools that provide video conferencing ability, remote access, as well as other business internet and phone services – such as VoIP softphones – can help traveling employees conduct successful business from afar. 


At Advanced Communications, we specialize in secure business internet and phone services and can provide complete assistance with mobile apps for business use. We understand the challenges that many organizations are facing as they become accustomed to the remote work model and can provide the solutions necessary to help your remote employees simplify their everyday tasks. We work in the Dallas/Fort Worth, TX area, as well as both Tampa and Orlando, FL to help organizations stay connected without sacrificing productivity, and we are ready to offer our tailored solutions to you. To learn more about our mobile app services, business internet and phone services, or VoIP soft phone services, contact us today and we’ll assemble a customized package for your business. 


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