Two Kinds of VoIP Softphone Apps

The internet has become an indispensable tool for most, if not all, people who needed to stay connected to their peers. It has permanently changed the landscape of communication, and there’s no sign of it slowing down. The public is steadily embracing internet-based technologies, and amongst which is VoIP

VoIP is a technology that enables any device that can connect to the internet to behave like a telephone. VoIP works for either hardphones or softphones. A physical phone, like an Orland VoIP phone at home, is considered as a hardphone. Skype and Viber are examples of softphones. The main difference between these two is that softphones use a software that can be installed in most internet-ready devices while a hardphone is an actual, physical telephone. 

Smartphones, tablets, laptops and computers can be installed with a softphone application and become telephone extensions without additional cost to the company. These devices can make and receive calls hardphones, i.e. an Orlando VoIP phone. Since most people own at least one smartphone these days, various software and application developers have also created different VoIP Apps that can be installed to either Android or iOS phones. 

The Android app market offers the largest selection of VoIP softphone apps. These apps can be classified into two: (1) client and (2) service-plus-client. 

Apps that allow users to make and receive calls from other App Users are called Client Apps. The VoIP calls and text chat are usually free. Client app developers make money through advertisements and various in-app services. Companies that do not yet use a VoIP system can greatly benefit from Client Apps. 

Apps that combine the VoIP Client and VoIP services can be classified as Service-plus-client t Apps. Two of the more popular examples that you might be familiar of are Skype and RingCentral. Companies that do not have a VoIP system yet would find it more practical to opt of service-plus-clients apps. An Orlando VoIP phone should also work best using a service-plus-client app. 

VoIP is also extremely flexible. For example, a company in Orlando may opt to do a complete overhaul of its entire telephone system or just do a small roll-out by replacing a few units with an Orlando VoIP phone. The new VoIP system can then be integrated into the company’s existing system, thereby creating a single telephone system capable of communicating to one another. 


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