Say Hello to Cloud-Based Telephony, Dallas!

Phone systems typically remain in use for about seven years before they are replaced or upgraded. This goes without saying that businesses must choose the right system the first time. You don’t want to suffer the consequences of poor choice for the next seven years! Dallas based companies, for example, must seek the help of experts in choosing and implementing the system that works best with VOIP phones. By being thorough in the early stages of its implementation, companies can minimize, if not completely eliminate, system-related issues that might occur in the future.

From the onset, business establishments must make the choice between a closet and a cloud-based system. Closet is used to describe a solution that makes use of your phone service provider’s servers. These servers usually reside in the location where the service provider also holds its offices. However, some service providers can also set up their servers in a different location.

A cloud-based solution (better known as hosted or VoIP) makes use of the Internet to make and receive calls, along with the other features not supported by the closet solution. This is the better choice of businesses that need to always keep in touch with their clients. This provides for minimal down time and maximum flexibility. If you are in Dallas, this might be the best option for you.

Sure, there are many other Dallas VoIP phone service vendors out there, but none of them can match what Centra IP Networks can offer you. We specialize in the design and implementation of network infrastructure, data networking, surveillance systems and digital phone systems — all offered at the most competitive price.

Call us today at 844-418-8647 to get a free quote if you are interested to have your own cloud-based phone system, or a VoIP phone for your business. Centra IP Networks can help you make the transition effortless and easy. We are backed up by over 15 years of dedicated experience in providing Dallas, Tampa and Orlando with cutting-edge business phone and Internet services.


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