Tips on How to Know Which Business Telephone System to Choose

There are so many options when deciding what type of business phone system to choose from. At Advanced Communications, we understand that as your business grows from a few people to a need for more staffing, your business phone system may need to be addressed to better serve your employees and be more professional for your customers when they call your office. It is crucial to have a dependable and functional business phone system. Having the right one could help you save much money over the course of its lifetime.

Here are some great tips that can make your search for an improved business telephone system search easier:

* Understand your business basic needs.

Know and write down what are the absolute needs are and then, if wanting to, what would be a nice perk. From here, it is much easier then to choose a type of system that would suit your business best.

* Phone system expandable?

With the first point being stated, if your business expects to grow fairly quickly or down the road, you have to ask yourself is the new system that you might be considering able to grow or work with a larger amount of staff.

* Consider choosing a PBX phone system.

There are many benefits to having a PBX and is ideal for many small and medium sized businesses. A virtual PBX can also be great for those that either may travel often and need to be in touch immediately or may want to work at home, etc.

* What business phone system optional features does the system have?

If your company will be growing, having the optional features may be something great to have down the road. Auto attendant, conferencing, and call hunt are a few of the optional features that may be worth considering. Call hunt allows a phonecall to be forwarded to another person instead of a voicemail. The auto attendant feature allows one to forward messages, directions, instructions and receive phonecalls like a large business and conferencing allows for teleconferencing others together.

It is also important to know when to buy as buying at the end of a quarter may be the best option because sales reps are trying to make sales.

Also important is for a vendor to perform the installation, training and service of the system. Of course, at Advanced Communications, we would love to help your business in any way. Contact us today for more information about our phone systems, fax solutions, and a variety of additional services!


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