Leasing Telecommunications Equipment

When your company decides it’s time to purchase a new telephone system or related devices, you basically have two choices; buy or lease. Leasing telecommunications equipment is is actually the smarter choice and is made by thousands of companies each year. According to recent statistics, over $2 billion worth of telecommunications equipment is leased every […]

How Businesses are Cutting Down on Expenses

How Businesses are Cutting Down on Expenses No matter the size of your business, when things start moving slowly, it is time to look at the expense report and find ways to cut down on costs. What are some ways to cut costs without sacrificing on quality? What are the first things to go? Let’s […]

Tips on How to Know Which Business Telephone System to Choose

There are so many options when deciding what type of business phone system to choose from. At Advanced Communications, we understand that as your business grows from a few people to a need for more staffing, your business phone system may need to be addressed to better serve your employees and be more professional for […]

How to Know When it’s Time to Upgrade Business Phone System

Some business owners, as you may know, are extremely frugal and do not want to spend money unless absolutely necessary. Though it is important to be careful about not spending money on wasteful or unnecessary things, there must also be a time to know when the technology or something that is being used for your […]