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Successful Man With Phone Systems For Car Dealerships

We know that car dealerships have unique needs when compared to other businesses. Salespeople are often away from their desks helping customers or even hot desking, and departments are spread throughout several different buildings. This is why we wanted to share what you should look for when looking for phone systems for car dealerships.  

There are several crucial pieces to the perfect phone system puzzle. In this blog, we are going to focus on two: Reliability and Mobility. Reliability and Mobility are a couple of the most important aspects of a phone system that can make a big difference to the success of your business.  


Phone systems for car dealerships need to be reliable. Using a cloud-based phone system provides reliability that is not possible with POTS (plain old telephone lines). A legacy system is dependent on the electric grid and is very vulnerable to outside interference. 

Cloud phone systems do not need to rely on the electrical grid to be operational. Due to the geo-redundancy offered through the right provider, your cloud phone system will have built-in fail-safes to ensure you have an uptime of 99.999%.  


Great phone systems for car dealerships have softphone capabilities. A “softphone” is an application that supports the phone system and can be downloaded on mobile devices to operate as a part of the business phone system. This is important for car dealerships that may have many employees moving around the dealership at any given time.  

Phone Systems for YOUR Car Dealership: Advanced Communications 

Advanced Communications is here to help you migrate to a cloud phone system. We can help you with any questions you may have. We will help you with installation and deployment all the way through usage and updates. Contact one of our specialists today to learn more about cloud phone systems for car dealerships.  

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