Office Phone Systems for Your Business

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Office phone systems are an integral part of any business. They can be used to contact customers, clients, and employees while reducing the amount of time spent on hold or transferring calls. Cloud-based and premises-based telephone systems have their pros and cons which we will discuss a little further down. 

This article will help you decide which office phone systems are best for your individual needs by reviewing these two types of systems side by side so that you can see their advantages and disadvantages. 

Premise Based Phone Systems 

Premise-based phone systems are housed on site. This means that all the hardware is housed at your physical location. This can be advantageous because it reduces latency and lag time for callers, as well as providing enhanced privacy to business owners or employees with access to equipment on site. 

As a business owner with a premise-based phone system, you will be responsible for all maintenance involved with your office phone system. This includes repairing the system, updating software, and troubleshooting any problems. 

Premise-based phone systems have some great features. With a premise-based phone system, you can set up call rules, use call forwarding, call park, hold, and easily make transfers. Your premise-based phone can also use an auto attendant to greet customers with a business message and funnel customers to the correct customer service representative. 

The downside of this type of phone system is cost. Premise-based systems are more expensive upfront than cloud-based phone systems. This is due to all the expensive equipment housed on site that must be purchased to start. 

Cloud Based Phone Systems 

Another option in office phone systems is a cloud-based phone system. Cloud-based phone systems have the same features that premise based phone systems have plus a few extra. The first is the ability to access your phone system from anywhere that has an internet connection. As a business owner, this means you can offer your employees the option to work remotely, which is a huge advantage after the 2020 shutdown. 

They also have the ability to integrate with third party solutions such as CRM software. This functionality can be very beneficial for business owners who want a more streamlined workflow process for their sales and service team members. 

With a low, monthly per-user fee, a cloud-based phone system can save your business money. They are also easy to install and manage. The installation process is a simple matter of plugging the phone into your router, completing an internet connection test, and you’re done! 

Speaking of low, monthly per-user fee, cloud-based phone systems can save you money on calls as well. Call reduction rates for a cloud-based phone system are as high as 40% for local calls and 90% for international calls! 

Cloud-based phone systems are hosted remotely in a data center which means that they have no hardware requirements for installation at your location. This is advantageous because it reduces the costs of ownership as you will not need to purchase expensive equipment or pay for costly maintenance associated with premises-based phone systems. All maintenance is the responsibility of your service provider.  

Office Phone Systems You Can Trust 

No matter which of the office phone systems you choose, Advanced Communications has the phone system you need. Both our premise-based and cloud-based phone systems are packed full of the features you need to boost customer experience. With our team on your side, you can rest assured that your phone service will be top notch. Call us at (844) 418-8647 so we can get you started today! 


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