Leasing Telecommunications Equipment

When your company decides it’s time to purchase a new telephone system or related devices, you basically have two choices; buy or lease. Leasing telecommunications equipment is is actually the smarter choice and is made by thousands of companies each year.

According to recent statistics, over $2 billion worth of telecommunications equipment is leased every year by companies in the US. This is because they know that leasing has several advantages over other options.

The advantages include tax deductions, simpler upgrades, better asset management, quicker processing, and overall flexibility.

The main reason that leasing is the best choice for telecom equipment is because the base technology usually becomes obsolete within a few years. Leased equipment provides protection against the risk of holding older equipment, since upgrades and add-ons can be included in all lease agreements.

This is true of not only Telephone systems, but also switches, transformers, auto-dialers, multiplexers, and routers.

Advanced Communications can not only help you with selecting the exact equipment you need, it can arrange an equipment lease that fits your budget and long-term plans.


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