Business Phones & Phone Systems for Tampa

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Communications are an essential part of all companies, and your business phone system should suit your business. A system that is customized and cost effective should also be affordable and flexible enough to change with your business. Centra IP Networks provides businesses with phone solutions in the Tampa Bay area, with a wide array of phone systems to choose from. Our one point of contact for sales and service makes choosing a system from Centra IP Networks easy. We focus on the small to medium-sized business market with phones and services that keep your business connected at a price point that fits your budget.


On-premise phone systems, the traditional choice for businesses for decades, are sometimes referred to as Private Branch Exchange or PBX phone systems. These utilize a private telephone network with unique extensions for staff members and/or departments and require a physical device within a company to make phone calls. These systems can be voice over IP (VoIP) or digital systems.

Business Phones & Phone Systems for Tampa

If you use an on-premise system, you will have a dial tone from a traditional telephone company, cable provider, or Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) trunk provider. SIP is the standard communications internet protocol for voice and video communications for internet telephony, in private Internet Protocol (IP) telephone systems, and in instant messaging over IP networks. The dial tone will come directly into your location and connect into your phone system. There will be a server on site or in a data center, and either your own in-house IT professionals or a third party provider will be responsible for ongoing support of the system.

Small or rapidly growing businesses do well with this kind of system, as overhead costs are minimal with no need for a dedicated employee to answer calls and no money upfront for hardware and a complex system requiring an IT team. As your company grows, you can change your phone greeting and the extensions and new departments as your organization changes.

Cloud Based Phones (PBX)

Cloud-based phone systems (aka hosted PBX systems or cloud-based solutions) offer the flexibility of a phone system without the costs of maintaining servers and equipment on your business premises. The term “hosted system” refers to cloud-based phone systems deployed by a hosted provider in an off-site data center. The business user is required to pay a monthly fee to use the cloud-based system, which is connected to the business through a public or private internet connection. The only equipment necessary to purchase are desk phones. You will have limited control over moves, additions, and changes with a system of this type, and the host provider will handle any updates you make and take care of all system maintenance.

Business Phones & Phone Systems for Tampa
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Cloud-Based Phone Systems

Multiple business phone systems available to accommodate a few employees in a single location to hundreds of employees across multiple locations. We offer both VoIP and Cloud PBX solutions.

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Premise-Based Phone Systems

Complete end-to-end data networking products and services to keep your business connected from firewall router solutions, switching solutions, wireless solutions, and management solutions to keep your business safe and secure.