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Good communication systems are essential for all successful businesses. Does your current phone system meet your needs? Is it time to upgrade your business phones? At Centra IP Networks we believe phone systems don’t need to be complicated to work well. We provide small to medium-sized businesses with effective phone system solutions in Plano, TX. Our one point of contact for sales and service makes working with us simple and easy. We have a wide assortment of business phones and services to keep your business connected, and we offer popular brand name systems to fit your business budget.


PBX phone systems are dedicated on-premise phone systems for your business. Private Branch Exchange (PBX) systems are VoIP (voice over IP) or digital systems which use a private telephone network with unique extensions for staff members and/or departments within your organization. A purchased or leased physical device is used within a company or organization to make both internal and external phone calls. On-premise business systems have been the traditional choice for businesses for the last several decades.

Business Phones & Phone Systems for Plano

On-premise VoIP systems have a dial tone from a traditional telephone company, SIP trunk provider, or cable provider. Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), is the normal communications internet protocol in private Internet Protocol (IP) telephone systems, voice and video communications for internet telephony, and instant messaging over IP networks. The VoIP dial tone is directed into your physical location and connects into the phone system. With this type of system, the end user has a server on site or in a data center, and handles any maintenance, upgrades, and/or expansion of the system. Companies that purchase this type of phone system  will use their own in-house IT professionals or partner with a third party provider for ongoing support.

A PBX phone system is a great choice for a small or rapidly growing business. PBX systems can keep overhead costs low, since there’s no need for a receptionist or upfront expenses for hardware and a complex system that requires an IT team. A PBX system can make your business appear larger than it actually is by allowing you to add multiple departments and extensions, even if you have a small team. As your company grows, you can adjust the recorded greeting and add departments and extensions.

Cloud Based Phones (PBX)

Cloud-based phone systems are also known as hosted PBX systems. Hosted services offer users the flexibility of a phone system without the maintenance and support costs associated with maintaining physical equipment. Which type of phone system will work best for your business often comes down to preference.

Business Phones & Phone Systems for Plano

Cloud-based phone systems are implemented in an off-site data center by a hosted provider; hence the term “hosted system”. Cloud-based phone systems require a monthly fee and are connected to your office through a public or private internet connection. Using cloud IP systems does necessitate desk phones, but this should be the only equipment you will need to purchase. The host provider handles any updates you make as well as system maintenance, and you will have limited control over moves, additions, and changes.

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Cloud-Based Phone Systems

Multiple business phone systems available to accommodate a few employees in a single location to hundreds of employees across multiple locations. We offer both VoIP and Cloud PBX solutions.

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Premise-Based Phone Systems

Complete end-to-end data networking products and services to keep your business connected from firewall router solutions, switching solutions, wireless solutions, and management solutions to keep your business safe and secure.