Utilize Our Consulting Services to Help Serve You

At Advanced Communications, we are a full service business telecommunications company and we strive to help our clients every way possible through these means and related questions. From digital phone systems to VOIP business systems to data networking and many other services, we are pleased to offer our fifteen years of experience in the professional telecommunications industry to provide the best services to small and medium-sized businesses.

Our market has expanded from the Orlando and Tampa, Florida area to the midwest to Dallas, Texas. We are pleased to be able to offer our knowledge and consulting services to those who may need help or questions answered.

Advanced Communications offers a wide selection of choices in how we can help serve our clients. Some of the areas include contract negotiations, phone bill analysis, equipment analysis and audits, cost recovery of overbilling, network audits, PBX assessments, site surveys, and vendor reviews and recommendations. We’re here to make sure that you and your business are receiving the most cost effective solutions for your network and telecom services.

We strive to offer the most competitive pricing, best service, knowledge and expertise in the business telecommunications industry. Our goal has been to become the one-stop shop for small and medium sized businesses and their telecommunications needs. We created this business model so that businesses would not have to call multiple sources to receive all of the telecommunications services that they need.

If one company could piece and merge everything together smoothly, why would a business want to look elsewhere, if it was competitively priced with great service?

We look forward to being meeting and exceeding your needs in these areas in 2013 and beyond.


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