Advanced Communications Offers Two VOIP Solutions for Business

At Advanced Communications, we are constantly looking to improve and add the finest of technologies and services to our clients. We also believe in giving the best service and customer service possible to making our relationships the best they can be.

One of the ways that we offer our clients options and finer technology is through the two different VOIP solutions that we offer. The first is an advanced SIP trunking for business while the other current option is the advanced hosted PBX for business.

SIP trunking allows our clients to use their current internet connection for phonecalls, which allows up to a 50% or more savings over traditional copper phone lines. Businesses that currently are operating with a TDM PBX or IP-PBX system can still utilize the cost savings with the use of SIP trunking. This system also allows for unlimited local and long distance calling throughout the United States, fax over IP certified, full number portability and extremely competitive international rates. SIP trunking also offers DID’s for the ability to direct dial, caller ID and available for $30.00/month per trunk.

Virtual and startup businesses benefit most from the Advanced Hosted PBX system. This system allows businesses to offer many advanced phone features and calling plans without having to purchase a complete PBX system. Some of the great features include an auto attendant, call forwarding, call park, voicemail to email ability, conferencing, intercom, paging, and music playing while on hold. Other features include a way to connect all employees no matter where they are located, easy setup and programming, all maintenance included, competitive international rates, and two hosted plans to choose from that begin at $30.00/month per seat up to $45.00/month per seat.

If you still have questions about our features or business phone systems, please call us today at (888) 919-4948 and we can help in determining which system is right for you.


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